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Guangzhou car city is big price that measure a vehicle rises other model continu
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Last week is before new consumption tax is carried out last weeks, the reporter visits Guangzhou each old car market understands, the car that platoon of duty of car city each experience measures is entered early rise in price condition, affect even two handcart market. To this, consumer however jump at. Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the big to those pairs Che Youming that discharge an amount shows the customer of the preference, perhaps show off model consumer, moving duty is very small to their influence. But the old to those at buying wandering car that discharge an amount and the brim consumer between the small car that discharge an amount, the effect is opposite bigger.

Luxurious car price is general and bullish

Because import luxurious brand model to be centered in 3 litres of above that discharge an amount mostly, so the adjustment of consumption tax of the old car that discharge an amount affects the actual price of this scale model. Last week 4, the reporter visits Guangzhou the discovery when inn of 4S of each old luxurious brand, amount of the client after the message that consumption tax adjusts is announced is apparent grow in quantity. Many customer that engage luxurious car ahead of schedule express, although increase price,also hope to mention a car before September 1. Face this kind of demand, those issue the actual strength agency of models of many the big sell like hot cakes that discharge an amount to appear hysterical however in the store up before Olympic Games premise.

The Ao Di car of 3.0L above wants “ only now it is somebody of metropolis showing a car buy, and the entrance car such as the big A6L that discharge an amount and A8L and Q7, R8 is original stock is little, if consumer books the ability after can be being adjusted to next month consumption tax only to mention a car. The dealer of inn of 4S of an Ao Di shows ” .

Same in a Leikesasi the in-house personage of 4S inn discloses to the reporter, the government shows Leikesasi already model price adjust plan make known to lower levels to arrive each 4S inn, subordinate model will be on the base that has directive price, differ by each model of degree go up a coefficient rise.

Meanwhile, luxurious car dealer also begins the share took store up car and the way that cancel to book. “X5, 7 departments did not show a car, also do not accept temporarily book. The salesperson of inn of 4S of a BMW of ” Guangzhou says.

Secondhand car of a person of extraordinary powers unwillings to lag behind

New car price is bullish, after two handcart price tightens therewith. In two handcart markets the reporter discovers, the old car that discharge an amount also became the target of scare buying. In An Jun two handcart trade the market, the broker company that has actual strength partly also begins to buy used to import luxurious car in great quantities.

An Jun is secondhand the car trades a of the market relevant chief says, after the message that adjusts from consumption tax is announced, high-grade discharge those who measure two handcart to trade greatly the volume rises quickly also. After “ consumption tax is adjusted, if be moved on the price of new car, the price of two handcart also is met go up accordingly tone, company of this pair of broker, it is a good luck for certain. ” this chief says.
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