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Guangzhou car city is big price that measure a vehicle rises other model continu
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Nevertheless, the reporter understands, the two handcart of the corresponding small car that discharge an amount appeared to trade glide. Many consumer express, consumption tax of the small car that discharge an amount is to be in reduce, at the appointed time new car and the price of two handcart affirm meeting occurrence change, now is not the optimal opportunity that skill buys.

So, be in the Chinese car city with intense with each passing day competition, car price henceforth go situation how to meet after all? Analysis of a car sale expert thinks, whether does the price adjust a decision the strategy at different car manufacturer and agency, whether can the enterprise owe tax impute to consumer, depend on the actual strength of different company and strategy. Price of this transfer to other localities depends on supply demand relations. When be begged for be more than, the burden that the company should increase revenue arrives through promoting price shift consumer, it is more difficult; And fall in the circumstance that demand exceeds supply, this kind of marry again is relatively easy. In bottom privilege is done not have to continue to increase in heart of business of advanced car car

Last weeks last week is August, the “ Jin Jiuyin that enters car manufacturer to expect immediately 10 ” , and whether can the city of 8 years of cars that suffers each square element effect be in this tradition busy season fervent, believe everybody does not have a bottom in the heart. The car city last week still is to go low all the way, each model falls in the circumstance of stocks grow in quantity, privilege also increases ceaselessly, the privilege of much money model sees an end basically already. Last week the reporter visits market discovery, gentleman jumps over privilege to be as high as 38 thousand, kaimeirui is favourable 20 thousand, meng Di Ou Zhisheng and Ma Zida 6 in waiting high-grade car all privilege 10 thousand yuan of above, the abidance as the market is low fan, be in 9, October, the businessman can bloodletting all the way likely, the price of high-grade car may achieve annual in new low.

Kaimeirui enlarges follow-up of privilege elegant cabinet

It is by this year June, manufacturer of Guangzhou abundant cropland takes the lead in going out action answer " antitrust law " , announce to abolish the provision of area lowest price limit, and allow agency cross car of area carry out, after manufacturer unlocks the value, the reporter ever was in understood Kaimeirui to appear in 4S inn for a short while 15 thousand yuan cash is favourable. And enter after August, extent of privilege of triumphant beauty luck continues to increase.

The reporter understands from inn of wide abundant 4S, at present each 4S inn stock of 2.4L of triumphant beauty luck is enough, 2.0L has a few stock, color with black, white, silver-colored, blue, green give priority to, privilege is in 12 thousand - 20 thousand yuan between, according to Yuan Fengfeng feng4huang2 inn sells adviser to say, this inn was held in August receive summer of “ Beijing 2008” to buy activity of car privilege month, 2.0L of triumphant beauty luck 4 cars privilege 12 thousand - 15 thousand yuan, and 2.4L 5 cars are favourable 15 thousand - 20 thousand yuan. Additional, buy a car to still high-quality goods is given, talk to still have certain and favourable space into inn, reporter understanding, favourable extent has broken through 25 thousand yuan actually.
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