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Guangzhou car city is big price that measure a vehicle rises other model continu
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The adversary is the same as the door of triumphant beauty luck the 8th acting elegant cabinet, elegant cabinet 2.0L discharges a quantity to have 5000 yuan of privilege, additionally 2.4L discharges a quantity to have 10 thousand yuan of privilege. Inventory respect, at present each inn 2.4L shows elegant pavilion the car is enough, 2.0L satisfies market demand basically, the hand is moved edition be in the majority, color basically has black, gold, storm silver-colored, white, blue. According to introducing, because oil price rises faster, at present elegant cabinet 2.0L should sell betterly relatively, but stock is not much, still basically be manufacturer deserves to send finite, a month every probably 449. Elegant cabinet is in “ strong ” after half an year is much, the price appears eventually became loose.

The model that be the same as class is contended for depreciate

From June the bottom begins, basis of plant of much home car " antitrust law " unlocked price control, the sale strategy of this cropland manufacturer follows Chang'an Ford, Guangzhou Guangzhou abundant cropland is about the same, and cropland of one steam abundant, Shanghai is general it is to adopt “ not to encourage the manner that does not restrict ” , so current and a lot of in the price of high-grade car has become loose certainly. Touch the biggest is Kaimeirui to depreciate to this fractionize market, 20 thousand yuan favourable extent, let other the car that be the same as class must make a response.

The reporter amounts to inn He Chengyuan from wintersweet garden beautiful inn learns, show a horse to amount to 6 whole departments to depreciate oneself 20 thousand yuan, price is one hundred and fifty-five thousand eight hundred - one hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, still a few high-quality goods are given, but cannot fold now, value 5000 yuan. At present the horse amounts to each 6 cars to have merchandise on hand oneself, color is more all ready, the color such as black, blue, silver-colored, red, violet, ash can offer an alternative, but not be every model these color have, if take a fancy to the color that the model did not like, can book first, need to pay subscription 5000 yuan, 15-20 day can arrive.

In inn of happy 4S of gentleman of one steam masses, stride rise 1.8T inventory enough, be in the majority with be being blocked automatically, but adversary of photograph of extent yielding benefit is moved block should a few less, privilege 15 thousand yuan, color is very all ready also, white, gules, black, argent, blue waits can offer an alternative, do not need to book, can shift a car immediately. As we have learned, stride on the market vacate 2.0L hand to move block favourable extent the biggest, amount to 25 thousand yuan; 1.8TSI is comfortable model block automatically fall by two hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan reach two hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan; 1.8TSI technology block automatically fall by two hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan reach two hundred and twenty-one thousand eight hundred yuan, the hand is moved block privilege 15 thousand yuan.
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