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Guangzhou car city is big price that measure a vehicle rises other model continu
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In inn of 4S of Chang'an Ford Guangzhou, send now get the better of supply of goods enough, color is all ready, 70% what hold this store total stock, the luxurious edition of 2.3L and athletic edition are highest configuration cash privilege 15 thousand yuan, add 3000 yuan of or so high-quality goods additionally. Comfortable edition of 2.3L fashionable edition and 2.0L, add only now match (4 gasbag edition) model, highest privilege 20 thousand yuan 5000 yuan of high-quality goods, already arrived in the round now. Color with blue, silver-colored, grey, black, Bai Wei advocate, luxurious edition of 2.3L fashionable edition and 2.3L shows a car enougher. And the 2.0L classics type that lowest deploys drops defeat 160 thousand yuan, price is one hundred and fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, already did not have goods now. Additional, because 2 comfortable edition are the hand is moved model, demand is not big, book etc the car is the fastest 10 days.

Price of be in short supply of new sounds of nature is strong

Although in “ of high-grade car market falls acoustical ” , east wind day produces new sounds of nature to appear rise superior to, defend directive price firmly still, and supply of goods is more in short supply. The reporter produces Hua Yi to specialize in inn to understand from east wind day, stock of 2.0L of sounds of nature is enough, with black more, banner edition of 2.5L of sounds of nature is enougher also, and market is good, other model needs to book, among them ducal 2.5L engages time longer. According to selling adviser introduction, because ducal 2.5L sales volume is best, a lot of people are booked, so platoon period should grow a few. And east the sale adviser of inn of battalion of divine wide three-year institution of higher learning says, at present new sounds of nature still is given priority to with booking, all models need to book, from the market report looks, sales volume is better is 2.0L comfortable edition, without privilege. The argent, black of new sounds of nature, purple car is at present OK the car is shifted inside a few days, other color needs to order goods, time needs 15 days - 30 days.

Data of produce and sale shows, come from official on June 25 sale on July 31, new sounds of nature sells 11017, among them the month sold 8095 July, make thereby enter intermediate the market the 3rd, achieved intermediate new record of first months of sales volume.

From 0 go to 11 thousand, new sounds of nature used 35 days of time only, this becomes the best success since brand of sounds of nature enters Chinese market. The personage inside course of study thinks, new sounds of nature appeared on the market first months to hit a “ to turn over namely battle ” , make clear brand-new the product strength after upgrading acquired the market approbate. And produce as second half of the year can promotion, the sales volume hopeful of new sounds of nature grows further, this will be intermediate to second half of the year the rank of the market brings change, new sounds of nature is in “ to sit at present the 3 stand-in that look at 2 ” , once sales volume exceeds Kaimeirui, this will be intermediate of market the last few years the biggest change bureau.
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