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Two handcart city needs today " retreat defend " get warm again after a cold spe
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All trades and professions is managing expenditure, affected two handcart market secondhand trade circumstance. Review two handcart trade case first half of the year circumstance, chief of much home market expresses, compared with last year, did not develop this year, only “ is retreated defend ” , clinch a deal even the market even the economy of brunt car, also suffer integrated element effect, place tends awkward.

A month sells only give a car! Last year second half of the year, gentleman of horse of car travel boss encounters the person of the same trade all round, hard to avoid hands in a quantity to feel awkward for his Chan Yuecheng. Nevertheless, he need not feel shy again nowadays, because, be in June, his experience is being duplicated by a few agency inside the market.

Clinch a deal 56 months the volume drops apparent

Last year first half of the year, two handcart trade experienced apparent wave motion, from last year ban first rub, bring send the market to clinch a deal the quantity soars, to business demand drops apparently during the Spring Festival, till 51 before greet to trade Xiaogao is wet, arrive again after the golden week, stock market big heat makes a citizen divert fund in succession, defer change the plan that buy a car even, bring directly send two handcart to trade quantity acute is decreased. Arrived the middle ten days of a month came in May June one paragraph during, clinch a deal quantity at a draught backwater not before. Till later the stock market appears queasy later, financing just appears the circumstance of circumfluence car city.

Under photograph comparing, the quantity clinchs a deal to be done not have at the beginning of this year so free and easy rises and fall. Spend period of time besides flourishing of ground of the routine before the Spring Festival, after spending the New Year next 2, 3, April, clinch a deal the quantity held insipid position. The complete province that from Guangdong province car current association offers is secondhand the car clinchs a deal in light of volume data, besides traded January the quantity achieves 43112 outside, 2, 3, 4, May clinch a deal the quantity breaks through 3000 hard from beginning to end, it is 24552 respectively, 27513, 27271 mix 29377.

Of market of before 4 months clinch a deal the quantity changed last year compared to the same period not quite, but since began May, the state that glides apparently begins to show. An Jun is secondhand the car trades market chief Chao Zhidong expresses, enter after June, of this market clinch a deal quantity atrophy dropped 15% above, but go up in the price and do not have too big change. He points out, clinch a deal the overall depression that measures the main reason that reduce to depend on economy. On the other hand, “ although the two handcart sale status first half of the year is like person meaning very much, but unapt still the market lowest cereal when dropping to 2003. Yang Fan of general manager of Motor Corporation of ” Cheng Hang introduces to the reporter.
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