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Two handcart business is restrained in low end market demand
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If “ restricts the specific policy of motor vehicle settle to come on stage, my estimation discharges a quantity to be in to planning to buy the domestic influence of the family expenses car under 1.8L is greater, count again among them buy 50 thousand yuan the following low end the domestic influence of the car is the greatest. And the sale that estimates to big, won't produce too big impact, the circumstance after this can be adjusted from near future consumption tax sees. ” yesterday, when Yunnan promotes Liang Gongming of selling manager of limited company of astral Electromechanical trade to accept our newspaper reporter to interview, say.

He is analysed, affect to the person buy a car of 50 thousand yuan of cars big, because they are very sensitive to the price,be, when buying a car even if can save 89 yuan cost, can strive. If steam number plate rises in price, they may turn and buy two handcart, abandon possibly also buying the plan of the car directly. From short-term in light of, before policy comes on stage, can stimulate one part consumer to buy a car ahead of schedule. After policy comes on stage, can bring about Kunming car sale to drop; From long-term in light of, in will be being restrained directly low end the consumption of the car. “ does not pass, this sees policy how be made even, if restrict the big settle that discharge an amount only, finite to car city influence; If all cars that discharge an amount restrict settle, agency also can have the way to deal with a situation. For example, a few cars advocate the likelihood arrives circumjacent city settle, turn to Kunming again. Still can stimulate two handcart to sell additionally. ” Liang Gongming says.

Yunnan establishs Hua Yunhang car to sell limited company to sell Long of chief inspector careless to think, 2002, before car of the gush that be not report forbids the policy of settle to carry out, the upsurge “ that caused sale of car of a carburettor really but from long-term in light of, these policy are finite to the influence of car city. Even if begins to restrict settle, so car production and distributors also can consider to stimulate consumption through depreciating with privilege. ”

Reporter Han be good at Zhang Fang (spring wall evening paper)

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