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New car market is small confuse Changsha two handcart market is added however fo
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Still be in when new car market low when confusing, changsha is secondhand car market appears unusually active however. Yesterday, reporter in Changsha some two handcart trade the discovery when the market is interviewed, the two handcart of a platoon stop in trade the market, the business client inter of price of Kan seeing a car moves back and forth, a flourishing atmosphere. “ is secondhand this year the car trades to compare in former years apparently more active. In ” south Li Xu of manager of department of two handcart market control says to the reporter solely, “ our market now of every month clinch a deal on average the quantity has 559, compare the corresponding period grew 50 % above last year, will greet after September new round growth. ”

“ second new car ” is joined, car age is young change

“ now of people transfer cycle shortens, open ability 10 years 8 years to change from an original car, arrived 35 years to be changed, development arrives now, new car drove a lot of customer 9 years only even 35 months transferred. ” Li Xu says to the reporter solely, these “ cars are illicit home car commonly, car advocate very care, especially a year of less than, the outward appearance of the car is new, car condition and quality are very good. The vehicle that these changing come down enters two handcart market, promoted two handcart class directly. These ” models in the market “ appears on ” time very short, so if make a price is reasonable, have very quickly buy the home. Two handcart stop a car all right fast, clinch a deal fast also. Consumer wants to clean out this kind of model, run frequently two handcart market is must. Current, two years replacement rate has exceeded new car of less than whole and secondhand car market trades the 20 % of the quantity.

Luxurious car can be saved below hundred thousands of

Buy brand-new

“ this is not strange, new car is in first 9 years devalue the fastest. Civil and military of chief dragon of two handcart management company is ” emperor dragon the reporter dispels misgivings, because the value of entrance car itself is great, after flowing into two handcart market, differ with new car price bigger, because this imports a car,greater sexual value is had to compare in two handcart market. The fund with similar “ can be bought tall the car of one level, with buy new

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