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Go up month of two handcart day is uneasy also
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The two handcart that August is a tradition trade off-season, in the Olympic Games the influence falls this year, off-season atmosphere is more apparent. According to Zhejiang province old motor vehicle trades old motor vehicle of the market and Hangzhou city trades what the market offers is secondhand in August the car trades data, two markets always traded in August the quantity is 5456, trade amount is three hundred and ninety-one million eight hundred and sixty thousand yuan, respectively relatively decreased in July 7.8% with 7.6% , trade all valence is seventy-one thousand eight hundred yuan. After measuring brief enlarge through clinching a deal in July, return the position of bottom of off-season in June cereal.

The Olympic Games lets off-season more miserable

This month did not say “ , never pass so miserable over- . There still are ten last month, this month is a digit. ” Europe heart blocks the bark manager of two handcart to already received reporter phone to begin to dash along, “ no matter this month is phone advisory volume, return the person discharge that is whole market to go up not as good as far month. It is especially during the Olympic Games, the person of the car is done not have in light of. Of ” market other manage door also be such, outstanding achievement flatly.

Our company sells “ a few cars that give last month, do not be afraid of your jest, profit has trifling only hundreds of yuan, send even employee wages not quite. ” wide source is secondhand of the car plum path of manager forced smile, the person is fewer during “ Olympic Games, so I give that paragraph of time authority had a holiday, taking the advantage of travel petty gain, oneself are bringing a mother went to time of Guilin. ”

“ we this month and July buy a quantity to keep balance, sale increases somewhat, the Olympic Games is not big to our influence. Old manager tells the market department that 100 actor of ” block the reporter. Occupy the data that the reporter obtains additionally, in August besides sale status of a few large-scale two handcart company basic and smooth outside, other in company of miniature two handcart broker, sales volume has small to drop.

Hold back sufficient interest wants to turned over dozen in September battle

Although “9 month is not busy season of traditional two handcart sale, but the sale busy season of tradition new car, the sale of new car meets what increase motive power for the sale of two handcart for certain. Additional, hind Olympic Games period, everybody's life returns the right path to go up gradually, also will be to the rigid demand of the car after the life is normal redisplay. ” is mediaeval and secondhand the manager stalking or branch of the car is analysed September prices, “ and I feel, also was met to be in what there was a concentration in September to erupt by the two handcart demand of keep long in stock in August, because August trade the volume is real too little, our advisory phone is a lot of more than July, but trade the capacity is apparently insufficient however, have the factor of one share market among them. ”
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