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Haing two handcart are consumed group expand
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1. breaths out is bungalow area China gentleman asks: Elegant cabinet measures this cropland 2 rows white, the hand is moved block the date that register in August 2005, harbin license plate, travel 90 thousand kilometer, the original price that buy a car two hundred and eighteen thousand six hundred yuan. According to China gentleman introduction, this car is the car of his friend, car maintains good, had not given an accident, this his friend should sell him with 160 thousand yuan price, whether can be this price bought?

Answer: This car condition that basis China gentleman introduces, I think this price is a bit higher. Because of new fund 2 common model the market just sells one hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, this car after all in order to use 3 years many, if be in,13.5~14 buys this car 10 thousand yuan or compare be to one's profit.

2. Ask according to gentleman of orchid county the Kingdom of Wei: ?.3 of   miscellaneous hill discharges quantity orchid color, the date that register in January 2008, travel 43 thousand kilometer, haing city depends on orchid county license plate, the original price that buy a car forty-six thousand eight hundred yuan, somebody gives him to bid 40 thousand yuan, this price but in order to sell?

Answer: The gentleman that occupy the Kingdom of Wei introduces, this car maintains good, had not appeared traffic accident, he does a taxi to use in place. According to this car condition that gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei introduces, somebody can give this price to buy this car, selling him is possible.

3. Peaceful turning city Mr Liu asks: Daqienuoji measures Beijing jeep 4 rows white, the date that register June 2005, travel 130 thousand kilometer, peaceful change license plate, how many fund can the original price that buy a car sell 358 thousand yuan now?

Answer: The gentleman that occupy Liu introduces, this car is in nonlocal countryside for a long time to use, car condition is general, nonlocal project ends recently, want to sell this car, this car condition that introduces according to Mr Liu and oil price rise ceaselessly, beg the group that buys the old car that discharge an amount or be in the minority, this car also can sell 16-17 in two handcart market 10 thousand yuan or so.

4. Lady of king of area of haing city sweet lane asks: Red of the Big Dipper of Chang Heling wood is measured 1 rows, the date that register in June 2003, travel 100 thousand kilometer, breath out city Hu Lan license plate, she is the two handcart that flower of the year before last year buys 40 thousand yuan, present worth how many money?

Answer: Introduce according to Ms. Wang, this car maintains good, had not appeared important matter reason but a bit small blow small touch, without big injury, this car market has the Big Dipper rate do not calculate too big, and what Ms. Wang buys is the 4th handcart, according to above state, assess value: 2.3—2.5 is controlled 10 thousand yuan.
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