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Two handcart displacement does not applaud also not draw a large audience
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Recently, an authoritative investigation shows: Multiply the “ that has an user to show “ not to understand ” , “ not to choose ” of distrust of ” , “ to business of two handcart displacement with the car 3 not ” manner, the “ car replacement that industry alleges generally year ” has ended, green still acerbity car replacement market appears “ both neither applauds, also not ” of draw a large audience.

   Do not understand 7 adults not to know two handcart displacement

Although illicit home car has entered more and more common people families, however business of two handcart displacement still just budding, little-known, only the person of 5.6% knows this business in ordinary people, and the person that is as high as 9 to become is right this utterly ignorant. Arrive when farther focusing by when having user group with the car, witting degree had rise significantly, achieve 32.7% , but the number that does not know still is occupied nearly 7 into, the “ that shows group of potential to future consumption has car gens ” and character, ” of “ car replacement is a burgeoning new name as much.

The reporter comments on: The new car that place of two handcart displacement leads consumes mode to still be in boudoir, numerous consumer and by with the car existing user appears to had not realized, transferring easily already was a dream no longer.

   Do not choose new business to become mainstream of two handcart city hard

As 2005 " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " and 2006 " standard of two handcart buying operation " come on stage in succession, two handcart city enters the right path of benign development gradually, consumptive confidence gets certain promotion, already had half the number consequently by have an user to go to “ directly with the car the first selection means that ” of buying and selling of freedom of two handcart market regards processing as old car, and more primitive acquaintance makes over scale to fall between the relation to 30% . But to two handcart market in new store of entered 4S of management main body and new the replacement of sale business car that develop, by have user interest with the car low fan, be chosen rate it is only become partly. Although this one scale is in those who know car replacement business to multiply there also is too big promotion in the user that use a car, only the person of 7.9% is willing to try “ to undertake car replacement ” through 4S inn.

The reporter comments on: Of the potential client from two handcart displacement accept in spending, can figure, this business wants to make the window of two handcart market and main trend in future, car brand agency and 4S inn want to replace traditional two handcart business, still allow to weigh and the path is far.
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