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Two handcart displacement does not applaud also not draw a large audience
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   Distrust consumer apprehension becomes development bottleneck

Displacement business hopes with actual strength the 4S shop with powerful car manufacturer and good reputation is brand backup force originally, bring consumer just, advantage change car experience, but result however things go contrary to one's wishes, consumer still full of worries. In just sex respect, the takes the user that use a car anxious and main show that is willing to accept car replacement business is in a few respects, it is just sex above all: The meeting when the person of 32% fears “ old car is evaluated is exaggerated the problem ” of old car, the meeting when the person that has 29.5% fears “ old car is evaluated is pressed low case ” , the person of 25.7% fears “ displacement fills the price that pay differs too much ” . It is convenience sex next: The formalities of business of displacement of person concern “ of 37.7% is complex and troublesome ” , when the person of 28.1% worries about “ displacement old car cannot ” of seasonable change the name of owner in a register. There still is diaphaneity problem finally: The person of 22.2% fears displacement process is opaque, the car that the person of 19% worries about displacement to come back is stock car, the person of 11.5% appears to change the appearance of the spare parts secretly in afraid displacement process, the person that still has 13.7% fears the content of displacement agreement is ambiguous, deceive consumer.

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