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Two handcart city of Beijing are added force is powerful
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Beijing of reporter Du Yueying reports a reporter from Beijing north news briefing of news of market of car of Chen Yayun village learns, this year 1-6 month, beijing new car sells 243 thousand, grow 16.6% compared to the same period; Two handcart trade 191 thousand, grow 12.35% compared to the same period.

July, beijing is new old car always trades the quantity is 85000, trade the forehead amounts to 11.9 billion yuan. Among them new car trades 51000, occupy new old car to trade 61% of gross, than going up the month grows 6000, increase rate is 13% ; Than last year the corresponding period grows 17000, grow 50% compared to the same period. Two handcart trade 33000, than going up the month grows 200, increase rate is 1% , than last year the corresponding period grows 4000, grow 16% compared to the same period.

Data shows, beijing car city June up to now, the sale rises continuously, make before inside course of study wide for anxious Olympic Games element not only did not affect car city, promoted a sale instead. Only even numbers is restricted to wait for policy to did not make the enthusiasm buying a car of consumer is reduced all right, the acceleration that stimulated a family to buy the 2nd car instead comes.

Go to what capital car city did not come situation, expert attending the meeting is forecasted think, this year annual, sale of Beijing new car achieves hopeful 500 thousand, two handcart trade will break through 400 thousand, hopeful achieves new sale record. Applied on September 1 after policy of new car consumption tax, because tax rate goes up bigger, what consumption of the old car that discharge an amount may have a month to control is wait-and-see period, but wait-and-see period the climax will still appear after passing. Measure a car to small, the attention of consumer is spent can increase, but wait for policy as a result of fuel tax still difficult labor, its sell the market to lack power, won't grow apparently.

Two handcart respect, during the Olympic Games the concentration of the 2nd car consumes the family, provided rich supply of goods and vast market space for two handcart market, two handcart implementation erupts the requirement that type increases has been had.

Many dealer shows, to come true domestic car line of business pounds produce and sale to break through 10 million target this year, 4 months after this year, each are big the manufacturer will publish measure of multinomial sales promotion; In addition, after the Olympic Games ends, nonlocal consumer buys a car to will restore into Beijing; Economy of Olympic Games travel also will drive car city to develop further.

In addition, on October 1, the Ministry of Public Security is new " motor vehicle registers a regulation " will apply, the kind that new regulation allows to motor vehicle everybody makes public automatic choice through the computer or weave by oneself selects number of brand of motor vehicle name, this is consumed to promoting a car also is a benefit good.
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