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High oil price is ecbolic and secondhand two handcart of car city become sweet p
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93 oil enter 6 yuan of periods already two months superabundant, but the reaction of new car market uses 2 glyphs of “ active ” hard however to allow - - the small car that discharge an amount did not see fiery, the old car that discharge an amount also did not see “ type small ” , this is the be a burden on with fatigued and weak whole of city getting a car probably. Nevertheless, the reporter discovers in investigation, the two handcart market of city of near future island is oily to “ however 2 words of bad news ” are more and more sensitive, the small platoon on market of old now car measures “ the car is first-rate sell, and the part is large prospect that measures a vehicle is very bad ” , insular city is senior and secondhand car personage Wang Jian expresses.

Xiali, QQ became popular commodities
According to reporter understanding, rose in June from oil price hind, oily bad news already made a car advocate the “ that buys two handcart ” of the first element, wang Jian tells a reporter, the first word that “ buys a car here is to ask ‘ this to the car runs a few oily ’ , became pet phrase quickly! ” his analysis says, the person that buys two handcart after all is right of the car practical pay close attention to more with economy, ambitious also to the susceptibility of oily bad news at new car vehicle advocate. And oily bad news behaves stand or fall, measure an impact with the platoon undoubtedly close, this measures a car small rows to be in namely secondhand the reason that the market is very popular.
According to introducing, at present small quantity is compared in two handcart popular is Xiali and QQ, car condition compares these two good cars, it is to come to walk along almost. Prices is behaved not only go up in digestive speed, on the price, this kind of car also is in of the market chase after hold in both hands below, show be able to bear or endure dropping advantage. For instance, the Xiali 2003 arrives to still can sell half price at present. Additional, fly because conspicuous section is oily,spend 1.3L, very popular also, and the platoon amount of Fu Kang, POLO is not large, there should be a flaw on character only, very good also sell.
Additionally the personage inside course of study expresses, nearly two months, the small car that discharge an amount trades on market of insular city old car of the quantity grow compared to the same period in 30% above, amplitude outclass discharges a quantity to be in the model of 1.6L above.

Big platoon measures complex ” of “ of old car foreground
The small platoon that rises with fervent leap up measures old car photograph to compare, the part is at present large time that measures old car is not so feel well, “ I this has a homebred SUV that produced 2003, had put half an year, unmanned make inquires, oil price went up again now, can wipe away tears only big reduction sale ” , business of car of some two handcart ever complained to the reporter so, he expresses, the homebred SUV of ” of “ a less known and inferior brand that 2.4L above platoon measures now two years the price can fall 50% , and besides, SUV of the beautiful formula with oily bigger bad news is old quantity, MPV, car also cannot sell good price, the rate that keep a cost is poorer.
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