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Big platoon measures two handcart price to drop exceed one to become
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Oil price rises to already evened more a month, the impact that two handcart market gets is clear with each passing day also. The reporter understands, increase considering the cost that use a car, the old car discharging an amount of above of many 3 years of car age is gone to by undersell two handcart market. But these cars already made the model that sells the hardest, no matter be,buy valence or sale price so, drop exceeded 1 to become.

Data of association of two handcart buying operation shows Shanghai, because suffer case of fuel oil price to rise,wait for integrated element to affect, this city is secondhand June the car trades gross is 17995, dropped than May 4.7% . The reporter understands, affect the two handcart that the biggest is big quantity among them, the big platoon in hands of many two handcart business measures two handcart sales volume to drop point-blank. Dealer of a two handcart shows, two handcart market and new car market are different, pursuit of the person that buy two handcart is practical, in new car market in advanced car consumer is not sensitive to oil price. But big consumption that measures two handcart group often be medium user of the small car that discharge an amount is temporary transitional consumption, they had not arrived not to mind the condition of oil price comfortably off.

Although discharge capacity vehicle to sell hard greatly, this kinds of model in two handcart market is increasing however. Last weekend, mr Sun jumped over his gentleman the car to open two handcart market. The main reason that Mr Sun sells a car is oil price rises. He tells a reporter, quantity of this car platoon is original big, as the car age rise “ drinks oily ” increasing also, consider the buys a bit that discharge an amount additionally new car after selling so. But the discovery after he sought advice from circuit in the market is bad to move, two handcart business says “ me this kind of car sells hard, control the price too lowly. ”

Shanghai two handcart ministry manages the masses on the west director Yellow Sea is smooth express, what come round to seek advice from matters concerned selling a car now is big car that measure a vehicle advocate increased two into many, these cars advocate car vehicle age exceed 3 years more, and the general that discharge an amount is ubiquitous 2.5L above. As a result of these car market level is bad now, buy valence nature to drop, depreciate extent is controlled in 10 thousand yuan commonly.

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