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Demand adds Chengdu brand ceaselessly two handcart market moves toward maturity
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Last week 6, ao Di holds show intended for a limited audience in Chengdu two handcart try drive meeting

The personage inside course of study says, it is mature that two handcarts market is moving toward Chengdu brand gradually

Two handcart market cans be found everywhere in Chengdu, but two handcart special performance tries drive never can have held however, more do not carry secondhand and high-grade car to try drive meeting. Last week 6, ao Dicheng has the car brand of crab the first times for Chengdu, in Chengdu big public house of some hot spring held show intended for a limited audience two handcart taste ancient bronze mirror to reach try drive meeting. Just say according to sponsorring, the spot sold 3 secondhand Ao Di car. The personage inside course of study says, be in as manufacturer the brand is secondhand of the business such as car attestation advance, two handcart market also is in Chengdu to move toward maturity quickly.

Ao Di eats crab

Chengdu holds first two handcart to try drive meeting

Activity that day, sponsor Fang Huaxing renown be an official and 3 what brought several xenial carry out not only with Ao Di is secondhand Ao Di car, ao Di car puts the new fund that still measures same type, platoon at the same time in the spot to try for consumer contrast along with all the others drive, give up with this the person that buy a car is right of problem of two handcart quality anxious.

According to China star name the market department manager of inn of Shi Aodi 4S says, two handcart special performance tries brand of this kind of high end drive can be in whole western the area still is belonged to first. This secondhand and high-grade car tasted ancient bronze mirror to be able to attract many customer. Mr Li tells manager of illicit look forward to the reporter, he hopes to spend least Qian Shi to have the cause of high-grade car now, after discharging rate of taxation of the spending that measure a vehicle to rise greatly on September 1 especially, photograph comparing buys new car, buy secondhand and high-grade car more be to one's profit. And another lady expresses, buy secondhand and high-grade car through normal 4S inn, resolved the concern to the two respects after quality of secondhand and high-grade car and carry out along with all the others.

Market potential is great

High-end brand aims at two handcart in succession

As Chengdu the ceaseless development of two handcart market, run quickly, the high-end car brand such as Ao Di, BMW delivers the view to two handcart domain. This is not strange, chinese steam wagon flow connects Luo Lei of association deputy secretary-general to once pointed out, the “ of two handcart markets of Chinese transferred 2008 the summit is imminent, the market will greet ” of great progress period, the part is inchoate the nature of secondhand and high-grade car that enters Chinese market also transfers at this in tide.

Nearly two years, year after year of sales volume of secondhand and high-grade car rises. Ouyang Longyin of chief inspector of two handcart center weighs be an official of China star name, it is with this inn exemple, this year only 1 to this inn had finished nearly 100 in August, was last year one times of annual total sales volume.
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