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Import two handcart: Follow new car when the river rises the boat goes up too
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The entrance car in new car market greeted a small climax this year, discharge a quantity to import a car greatly especially. The reaction of two handcart although new car of be not a patch on is fast, nevertheless near future reporter visits two handcart market to understand, this kind of climax already began to conduct two handcart market. Current, although be traditional off-season, the big platoon in two handcart market measures two handcart to also begin to be heated up slowly rise, some markets still begin to go up tone price. To two handcart business, luxurious entrance is secondhand car price difference is big, earn is much also, but luxurious and secondhand car skill is slow, once the market appears interest empty news, the risk that imports car business also is very big.

Carry from which develop to high end

Nearly two years, enlarged development and country of the industry to increase ceaselessly as two handcart prop up the policy strength that two handcart market grows. Because of the entrance of this Hua Na two handcart trade the growth rate of the quantity is accelerated ceaselessly, in light of the model from inside importing two handcart market, the model that trades at present from earlier before in low model of the high end in carrying a model to had developed slowly. A few high-grade models exceed luxurious model to enter two handcart market in large quantities of quantities even. The demand of the consumer that chooses two handcart also gradually from which low model of the high end in carrying a model to turn.

Current two handcart trade the market, the price that agency of some two handcart has begun to stare at new car market closely no longer changes, the price that lets supply demand relations adjust two handcart however goes situation. In work of two handcart trade old senior job mies wife nimble of person treasure benefit is secondhand the car trades Sun Mingxia of market general manager is secondhand to the entrance the change of car city has a result greatly, she expresses, the price of two handcart is in serve as parameter with new car price completely and before is make mostly, namely theoretic replacement cost means, and can compare new car price only low, join price of close new car appears unlikelily. And now, the development of two handcart market had formed a batch to compare stable consumptive group relatively gradually, need not use when the price that faces new car market changes depreciate accordingly instantly will go all out grab client natural resources.

City of consumption tax facilitating car warms up

Refer supply demand relations decides the value changes, two handcart agency discloses, nearly two years the demand of two handcart consumer shows polarization, demand of grow in quantity of entrance car demand, homebred car decreases relatively, so the price also has corresponding adjustment. Of course, new car price still also meets what produce an effect to two handcart price. After new consumption tax comes on stage, the high-grade entrance car of big a lot of quantities begins to raise price substantially, and the rise of consumption tax rate is connected once custom duty reduces the price vacuum that create to offset accordingly, then, the heart of entrance car “ that some of consumer goes up to new car market has malcontent ” , turn and search to two handcart market.
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