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Import two handcart: Follow new car when the river rises the boat goes up too
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In addition, entrance car has greater sexual value to compare in two handcart market. Because the value of entrance car itself is great, after flowing into two handcart market, differ with new car price bigger, reporter discovery, year end was purchased 2006 on of the card run quickly S350, travel is not worth 20000 kilometers, sale price is being assessed in two handcart market is 90 much, and the price of new car is 130 much. Say so, do not use, travel is not worth 20000 kilometers to be differred with respect to valence 40 much. Visible, those who import a car is secondhand sexual price is higher still than the advantage. Of course, premise is this car not be car of important matter friend.

According to the analysis, the entrance is high-grade and secondhand car price compares stability generally speaking, plus the reason with car city big stocks, a few entrances are high-grade and secondhand the price of the car still is more charming relatively. Additional, anew in light of the expression of car of car market entrance, the price of new entrance car still has tall sign, because this and new car photograph are compared, used is high-grade entrance car is opposite “ inviting ” .

Market model hasten is new car condition ameliorates

Entrance car rises lukewarm sell like hot cakes in two handcart market slowly in last few years, the model that still a bigger reason imports luxurious car namely is newer, car condition is opposite also better.

The two handcart market previously is the ” of a few “ lord car that left 10 years 8 years mostly, quality, car condition exist more or less problem. Certain period caused consumer to be compared to two handcart existence defy psychology greatly, most person thinks two handcart are old car, bad car generally, it is accident car even; And get the influence of traditional idea, think used thing has drawback, quality is bad.

However, as the market open the liberation with people thinking. The person that does not have a car an agenda in buying a car to bring into life topic, the person that has a car transfer a topic for discussion in turning oneself into the life. And appear on the market to be reduced with the price as the ceaseless development of policy standard of the country and new model, of people transfer cycle shortens slowly, open ability 10 years 8 years to transfer from an original car development left 9 years only to new now car even 35 months transferred.

Accordingly, at present the turnover of the two handcart of two handcart market is in greaten, the level of the model is higher and higher, arrive from ” of “ lord car “ is old 3 appearance ” arrives “ is new 3 appearance ” arrives again car of high-grade and luxurious entrance can be in two handcart market sees, although still there is no lack of accident car, but most model is more reliable still.

Who is is consumption secondhand does high end import a car?

According to Bao Lijie two handcart trade Sun Mingxia of market general manager discloses, retain on the market at present the amount is large, trade those who take the main aspect is secondhand entrance car is, 2.4 of Camry of cropland of groovy model abundant, import the delegate of high-grade and luxurious car: Run quickly S320, S350; Import delegate of high-grade motile car: BMW 318, 330, BMW 520, 530; High-grade day fastens the delegate of the car: Leikesasi IS300, ES350, GS350; Still have the representing of racing bike: Z4 of contemporary cruel clique, BMW, run quickly CLK200, CLK250 also sell well. Still one kind sells also very igneous is masses way fighting spirit
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