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Import two handcart: Follow new car when the river rises the boat goes up too
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Afore-mentioned entrances inside two handcart market are high-grade the model also is costlier after all the consumable with luxury, by what are these models consumed crowd place favors and like? As we have learned, these consumptive crowds basically are, it is the gens enjoying a car with abundant economy, like high-grade car, transfer cycle is short; 2 it is boss of small and medium sized business or individual business operator, of an entrance high-grade and secondhand the need that the car can satisfy their daily dinner party and ostentation and extravagance and face completely; 3 it is the family with the more abundant financing on at hand, trade the vehicle of the end in original comparison into more high-grade entrance car. Life before last a class, the car also upgrades went up a class.

The expert expresses, in the development process of two handcart market, the entrance is high-grade and secondhand the state power that the car will hold one share market slowly. As a whole, the entrance is high-grade and secondhand the car has been accepted by consumer place, continueing to accept the test of the market. In the development of two handcart market in the future, high-grade and secondhand the car will be held quite the market share of one part. Contemporary cruel sends racing bike " "

Manufactory name: Korea is contemporary - case inferior

Producing area: Korea

Platoon quantity: 2.0L

Go up card time: In March 2008

Travel course of development: 5000 kilometers

Assess value: 168 thousand yuan

Evaluate division: Lamp of breed of Chong ザ  bars bright

Former plant configures: Loudhailer amount 6, dynamoelectric window, prevent the rearview mirror inside blindfold, rearview mirror outside can adding pyroelectricity to move, remote control the door lock central.

Evaluate integratedly: Static examination, the lacquer outside car does not have scratch and cut, it is former lacquer entirely, can prove this car had not gone an accident so. Open engine interior trim, interior is clean like new car neat, interior trim also is such, integral par car besides better. Movement of machine of the dynamic engine that start is smooth, without shake, urgent quicken smooth, it is better that the road tries this car to make the same score each respect to behave, without any abnormal knocking and sick feeling, chassis abnormal knocking is not had in travel of blame calm way.

Market situation: As a result of this car buy a group finite, it is a youngster mostly, the crowd that buys so is finite, inside the market retain the amount is larger, average time taking money is longer.

Elegant special GTC ASTRA " "

Producing area: Germany

Platoon quantity: 1.8L

Go up card time: In May 2007

Travel course of development: 28000 kilometers

Assess value: 188 thousand yuan

Evaluate division: Lamp of breed of Chong ザ  bars bright

Former plant configures: Amount of MP3 input terminal, loudhailer 7, take window of car of the function that prevent clip, but retrace type is dynamoelectric outside rearview mirror.
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