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Import two handcart: Follow new car when the river rises the boat goes up too
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Evaluate integratedly: Chassis is not had corrode, tire in order. Engine cabin is clean and neat, gear-box outward appearance is good, each suspension does not have bruise, engine sound is normal, tire blows a flower normally.

Dynamic examination: Hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes lamplight illume case is good, good, the as good as when starting is noisy, engine rotate speed is normal, idle fast stability, start quickly smooth, automobile body is not had swing, overturn too road surface, damping is good. Urgent quickly, momentum is good, on 120 kilometers / the hour does not have a thing, automobile body is not had shake, run 30 thousand kilometer, according to American car characteristic, 1.8L also is belonged to infrequent, primary value is 290 thousand, integral car besides good.

Market situation: This car is to import set of general Europe treasure, belong to the market to compare not common model, this car basically is bought by what know all about the goods knows a car the home is bought, the market takes money slower.

Mini Cooper " "

Go up card time: Feburary 2008

Travel course of development: 8000 kilometers

Assess value: 300 thousand yuan

Evaluate division: Lamp of breed of Chong ザ  bars bright

Former plant configures: Automobile body of the fog lamp after fog lamp is prevented before brush a dermal seat to wait.

Evaluate integratedly: Because car is newer, car still is protected character in new car period, integral exterior and interior trim all good, start this car, sound is normal, more ringing, often mix without different multifarious noise; After actuate, more natural, quickly also pretty is fast! Because of this car vehicle advocate compare care to this car, and the car maintains very well, although travel 8000 kilometers but this car condition likes new car.

Market situation: This car appears in great quantities inside the market recently, and car condition is opposite also newer, but taking money is not very fast.

Import contemporary Shengdafei

The date that register: In November 2004

Travel course of development: 80 thousand kilometer

Assess the value 250 thousand yuan

Evaluate division: Plating of M of skip of breed of  of   a kind of reed bars bright? Sun Mingxia

Configuration: 2.7 V6 engine, 4 block a hand to sit from unifinication, derma chair, before independence of Mai Fuxun type is pensile, much connecting rod becomes independent after pensile; Double gasbag + enrages shade; ABS, EBD.

Evaluate integratedly: Although time is longer, but the exterior maintains relatively newly clean, see former car advocate care has add, but hub all has slight scratch, chassis has slight scratch and do not have hinder greatly. It is better that interior trim maintains; After the engine that start, power is very, step accelerator for nothing response is very sensitive.

Market situation: The Shengdafeibi that imports version is scarcer, at present demand is not very big, take money slower.
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