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Import two handcart: Follow new car when the river rises the boat goes up too
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Run quickly SLK200 racing bike " "

Platoon quantity: 2.0L

Go up card time: In August 2006

Travel course of development: 25000 kilometers

Assess value: 430 thousand yuan

Evaluate division: Lamp of breed of Chong ザ  bars bright

Former plant configures: The headlight before xenon is enraged, before fog lamp, hind interior trim of fog lamp, skin, those who deserve to have function of SPEEDTRONIC electron speed limit decide fast cruise to control a system to wait.

Evaluate integratedly: The exterior is neat, engine cabin neat, route is clear, mothball box is tidy, interior trim is neat, each appearance is normal.

Dynamic examination: Motivation is abundant, hold accuse fluent, smoothly, all show run quickly the craft building a car of racing bike. Quicken relatively piece, stop a car is good. This car is top class configuration, maintain wonderful, integrated market condition, evaluate valence to be 430 thousand yuan.

Market situation: This car is relatively scarce inside the market, but circumstance taking money is relatively slow also.

Run quickly S350 " "

Platoon quantity: 3.5L

Go up card time: In January 2007

Travel course of development: 19000 kilometers

Assess value: 1.1 million yuan

Evaluate division: Lamp of breed of Chong ザ  bars bright

Former plant configures: Before fog lamp, decide car of fast cruise system, berth backlash of tone of warming system, report connects electric tone pillow, ADS automatic damping gets used to night of system, belt to inspect a function to wait.

Evaluate integratedly: Aleatoric angle observation did not discover any petty traces that blow a flower, quality basically does not have a difference with new car, integral outward appearance is good, frame of Fu body observation did not discover collision is out of shape trace, have little nick only (judgement: Travel splashs the Xiaosha that rise, gravelstone to blow beautiful) at the driveway, hold to car accuse to drive won't cause an effect. Open door to observe interior trim, car interior trim is spent newly amount to 90% above, car wiring is normal and effective. 4 switch voice is thick and strong, without abnormal knocking. Circuit and each component did not alter trace. Tire wears away belong to normal limits in, the car engine that start moves very smooth, car whole is sealed remain the same good, gear-box union is smooth and effective, did not jump to block and be entered use an appearance, it is normal that appearance shows, change direction agile, dub accelerator motivation is shown immediately, sex of apply the brake is good.

Whole evaluates: This car vehicle besides go up beautiful, car age 1 year many, new car is in price of this locality market 1.35 million, press normal two handcart allowance for depreciation to calculate, integrated after service and at present two handcart trade market level, can reach the price of this S350 is 1.1 million yuan.
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