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Import two handcart: Follow new car when the river rises the boat goes up too
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Market situation: In two handcart market, luxurious model S350 does not see more, although its function is unassailable, but compared with other and luxurious model, the fittings of S350 is met more show costly, because this kind of car is most,be bought by enterprise or company.


Produce the ground: Europe

The date that register: In Feburary 2007

Travel course of development: 10 thousand kilometer

Capacity: 2

Color: Black

Referenced price: 190 thousand yuan

Former plant configures: Automatic 4 block, aluminium alloy annulus CD of circle, odd dish broadcasts amount of machine, loudhailer to wait 6 times.

Evaluate integratedly: Beetle do manual work is careful, have the appearance that girls defy hard, as a result of the car advocate it is better to maintain, car whole outward appearance is newer, the line with peripheral discovery of the lid before opening a car is whole nondestructive, crossbeam had not been collided, install paint formerly, nose does not have leakage oily phenomenon, tire wears away level is normal, car interior trim is newer.

The engine after starting is quiet, sound is more composed, hold in travel process accuse to stabilize, automobile body is hard and solid, change direction, quickly, the systematic job such as brake is regular. This car maintains weller in static state and dynamic respect, according to market level the price of this car is in 190 thousand the left and right sides.

Market situation: The appearance of beetle is more fashionable, get of the girl love, but it is in maintenance respect is not very convenient, so the very much person that buy can consider this abandon enjoying its right, beetle is relatively other for the model with respect to an unexpected winner, take money slower, retain the volume also is not very large.

BMW Z4 " "

Platoon quantity: 2.5

Kilometer number: 2000 kilometers

Producing area: Europe

The date that register: In March 2008

Color: Argent

Referenced price: 500 thousand yuan

Point of sales: Trade of Hua Na steam

Former plant configures: Automatic 6 block, amount of the headlight before xenon is enraged, loudhailer 8, automobile body is prevented brush, argent full automatic soft roof.

Evaluate integratedly: Car whole outward appearance is better, do not look to go out to any blowing is spent or fill the trace of lacquer. Inside engine cabin shipshape, without the trace that circuit has altered. Luxurious air uses interior trim makings is careful, dial of dermal, appearance maintains very well. Chassis is in good condition nondestructive, press sail button, roof is stretched automatically normally.

After engine is started, noise is more apparent, accelerator answers speed faster. But because be a van, sound insulation is relatively other paragraph the car is a bit poorer. BMW retains all the time in two handcart market proper place, quality is stable, new car be born should be five hundred and sixty-five thousand three hundred the left and right sides, serve as to walk only for the car of 2000 kilometers, assess the value 500 thousand.
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