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Import two handcart: Follow new car when the river rises the boat goes up too
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Market situation: The person that BMW Z4 is bought more than Z3 in the market gets attention, clinch a deal more eye-catchingly to other model, actually nevertheless the amount is relatively a bit smaller, the market retains the volume also is not very large.

Run quickly ML350 " "

Manufacturer: Europe

Go up card time: March 2006

Platoon quantity: 3.5

Travel course of development: 20 thousand 9 kilometers

Color: Black

Referenced price: 715 thousand yuan

Evaluate division: Trade of Hua Na steam evaluates division

Former plant configures: Automatic 7 block, rack, dynamoelectric scuttle, dermal interior trim, dermal seat.

Evaluate integratedly: If the car lacquer brightness of this car is new, demonstrative car advocate maintain reach the designated position, seat and steering wheel maintain weller, smallpox, carpet is maintaining the visual sense of brand new. Because the batholith of the car is taller, chassis maintains very well, without any phenomena that blow a flower, doorknob hand does not have the trace of any attaint, maintain the level of former plant.

The engine that start, sound is composed, without murmur, circuit is orderly, drive ML350, maintain its original safety performance, pensile system is regular, whole platform car as hill is same, safe smooth. Brake sensitivity is tall. 4 tire wear away rate is average. The formalities of car is all ready, according to market level the price of this car is evaluated control in 715 thousand yuan.

Market situation: Run quickly the brand took quite big advantage in car respect, in cross-country car respect, be inferior to BMW series. Look so in the market, the sale of this car is not very good all the time, retain the volume also is not very large.

Leikesasi GS300 " "

Platoon quantity: 3

Kilometer number: 30 thousand kilometer

The date that register: In Feburary 2007

Color: Black

Referenced price: 548 thousand yuan

Evaluate division: Trade of Hua Na steam evaluates division

Former plant configures: Automatic 6 block, before system of headlight of section of flat regulation of the drive after buy, automatic water, prevent glass of ultraviolet filter light to wait.

Evaluate integratedly: The exterior is more orderly, look to also have the nick with not apparent a few only nearly, four-wheel and pensile system does not have rusty trace, other function is normal, engine is clean and neat, there is accident rehabilitate trace inside, interior trim is spent newly tall.

Idle fast when engine is very quiet, hold it is good to control function, sensitivity is extremely tall also, nevertheless travel appears in the word of the freeway some wave,

Overall assessment: Leikesasi retains all the time in two handcart market proper place, quality is relatively stable, this vehicle performance still good. Integrated car besides with the market each respect element, this car assesses the value for 548 thousand.
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