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Affect the 4 big factors of two handcart price
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The car that has many old cars advocate have a doubt: Why car condition is good, only 3 years two 7 when be being entered than buying unexpectedly into new car price low half? Why the in-house decorate that oneself spend money to do, change one's costume or dress etc not only did not raise the price, make the argument that buys square depress price instead? To these problems, new cooperative senior personage explained old car market in detail therein cause:

Color decides the value

To an old car that sell, the market retains the size of the quantity, also be the factor that affects car price directly, in addition, brand of car color, car is piled up, also two handcart business is valued.

Mr Zhang says two handcart dealer, different car has those who differ is exquisite, for instance business affairs car, blue-black it is more welcome model, and blackish green, gules model is apparently slow-moving; Normally the car is very popular most with silver grey color, black. Plate number also is bought an attention, special be in Guangdong area, if be the plate that connecting a few “8” , in same brand, same car besides below, the car tall 1000~3000 that also can compare other plate yuan differ.

Historical record affects car price

When do business, two handcart price is opaque, appear even many version. To this, sell the car that give car of purpose advocate, want to take a heart more. Generally speaking, two handcart go after getting Che Yuanxin ceases, the meeting is quick with the car advocate get in touch, undertake buying. Affecting the one big factor that buys the price is car condition, the exterior that the car is in charge of receiving the personnel of the car to be able to examine this car carefully all right has nick, had hit a car, if had given an accident, and injury and crossbeam, so, the price of this car will fall greatly.

To model of an unexpected winner, the quote of different car business is met great disparity. Actually, this kind assesses value and can not regard two handcart market as completely the reference that clinchs a deal actually. So called assessing value is governmental one party to prevent to trade bilateral give false information trades the price causes duty to expend a loss, an appraised price that through trading the market has to each car.

Change one's costume or dress the car affects the price

According to legal provision, any units or individual must not spell outfit motor vehicle or the structure that motor vehicle of change of do sth without authorization already registered, construct or feature, in the meantime, change his costume or dress by oneself car, make model and car leave factory technical parameter nots agree with, this car will cannot change the name of owner in a register.

actual condition, at present great majority changes his costume or dress car vehicle advocate the be fond of that is him basis undertakes changing one's costume or dress, but once the equipment that after car changes his costume or dress, adds produces an accident, insurance company is not to grant to manage of compensate; In the meantime, two handcart business is in when buying this kind of model, want to risk particular risk, because this changes this costume or dress so that compare exaggerated two handcart, evaluate price on the low side not only, find very hard even sometimes buy the home.
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