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Two handcart sale was decreased compared to the same period 3 into
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A few so advocate sell luxurious and secondhand the car business of the car, change manages an idea now, with in the car of cheap price will attract customer. And as the country a few car of Ⅱ standard cannot have been before July 1 on Guan card, these car will enter two handcart town, add car businessman stock is very much this year, two handcart supply of goods is enough, this will offer more alternative to buy the customer of two handcart of purpose. Car business shows, second half of the year predicts will be the optimal opportunity that buys two handcart.

150 thousand yuan can be bought secondhand BMW

The new car this year sells “ very hard, two handcart sold harder. A month can sell piece a few cars are good. ” last week, the reporter is in two handcart understand Dongguan Xin Huali inside an inn, even if of two handcart busy season May, the sale status this year is not ideal. As we have learned, dongguan is secondhand 2007 the car trades entirely the quantity is controlled in 50 thousand. The sales volume first half of the year exceeds 20 thousand. This year first half of the year with the corresponding period was compared last year, sales volume drops exceed 3 to become.

“ sale drops reason and new car case are similar, basically be average consumer income opposite insecurity. ” presses down road of Guan camphor tree to go up in small house pace, a boss that manages two handcart tells a reporter. New car is bad to sell, depreciate fiercer, of this pair of two handcart manage also caused difficulty. So 559 yuan can buy a pretty good two handcart, price of a sex compares very tall new car now, the price also follows this expensive not how many.

Reporter from Dongguan Xin Huali two handcart trade the market understands, actually the price is in of 100 thousand yuan of less than secondhand car, sale status is pretty good still. Because of having more two handcart enter the market, a lot of consumer no longer pure choose new car, price of a few sexes compares tall two handcart, also become target of their choose and buy. The reporter understands, bag card controls those who buy 2 years many 60 thousand yuan to fly degree, bag card controls 80 thousand yuan triumphant more, even 100 thousand yuan can buy property very pretty good elegant cabinet, 150 thousand yuan can buy used BMW.

The two handcart sales volume with low-cost “ is good still, but luxurious two handcart sale status is not quite ideal. ” reporter from Dongguan two handcart of 100 million Xin understand all right, a few BMW, run quickly two handcart, price still is less than now 40% original, but sales volume is very few also.

Day department, both sides is secondhand car market is popular

The reporter trades in old car of the bridge below Dongguan two handcart market understands center and Xin Huali, the sales volume that day is two handcart first half of the year this year is total performance is good.
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