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Two handcart sale was decreased compared to the same period 3 into
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According to introducing, this year of cropland of on the market two hand Che Bentian, abundant trade the amount is the largest, fly degree, think of the model such as elegant cabinet of region, old money, imperial crown to be compared much, a few ability drove much car 2 years, drop valence to be in 30% the left and right sides.

The businessman says, because Dongguan consumer preference is secondhand car besides seeing kilometer number, accident record, very sensitive to the price, the model with a bit accordingly expensive price, sale status is not very ideal.

Contrary price is in 100 thousand yuan to get on the car below, the comparison that sell is good. Especially original price is in 200 thousand yuan of less than, price comes in 100 thousand yuan now 130 thousand yuan of models between, still suffer a few consumer to welcome quite.

Reporter the case that in small house pace inn of a two handcart sees two husband and wife choose a vehicle together. Market salesperson also introduces, both sides car compares sell like hot cakes in the market at present. On one hand both sides car from 2005 after sell like hot cakes, there had been 3 long times this year, many two handcart flow into the market in succession, had more choice to consumer, and at present both sides car still is the model that consumer prefers, because this is better than other model also,sell a few.

New car sale meets defeat, two handcart sale also keeps on retreating. Reporter from Dongguan two handcart trade the company understands, two handcart sales volume is less than Dongguan of before this year 6 months 15000, with the corresponding period was compared last year, reduced the sales volume of 30% . In going a few years, the two handcart business of setting of many stage endowment enters Dongguan market in succession. But because Dongguan is in the mature car city such as respect of sense of two handcart consumption and Taiwan,still have difference, increase competition intense, consumption is finite, the actual sale status of two handcart is not ideal, a few luxurious and secondhand car inn can sell only in January give 9 luxurious cars.

Sales volume not beautiful is luxurious and secondhand car business transition

The consumptive case of “ Dongguan and at present condition, beyond our anticipation, do only high-grade and secondhand car estimation is propped up very hard go down. ” Mr Wang and reporter mentioned controller of handcart of Dongguan just a little recently Dongguan is at present secondhand car city, plaint to be done to Dongguan at the outset high-grade and secondhand car “ is too hopeful ” . Mr Wang expresses, he makes reference with the sales volume with the GDP of Dongguan and population and annual car at the outset, will calculate of the Dongguan consumption to luxurious car. But actual condition is, although Dongguan has the powerful capacity that consumes luxurious car, but right luxurious and secondhand the consumption of the car is defied quite however. A lot of consumer aux would rather floriferous money buys expensive new car, also not be willing to say was to buy secondhand BMW perhaps runs quickly car.
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