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Two handcart sale was decreased compared to the same period 3 into
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Begin from 2006, have many stations endowment created store of two handcart distribute early or late in Dongguan. First be an official of 100 million Xin, actor is gotten, still exhibition of car of white horse name also is garrisoned later Dongguan. They were aimed at same direction is luxurious and secondhand car. The reporter understands, dongguan is not little really to the consumption of luxurious car, be in every year since 2006 2000 above, but luxurious and secondhand 15% what the amount of the car still is less than this data apparently. Run luxurious car at present in Dongguan besides inn of two BMW 4S, one runs quickly inn, still have Leikesasi, import the masses, medium steam south, Ao Di, in addition many cars sell township hold battalion concurrently brand of many luxurious cars, the guest benefit, nimble when protecting sell the work off inside field in these. These inn besides sell new car, still buy old car to sell two handcart at the same time. Had not formed in Dongguan consumer luxurious and secondhand below the circumstance of car consumption idea, group those who rise is luxurious and secondhand car inn is faced with numerous competitor and management predicament.

“ we besides sell high-grade and secondhand car, also buy, sell the price is in tens of thousands of yuan, ten yuan wait economy, intermediate car. Luxurious after all and secondhand car sales volume is limited, transition is done a few cheap and secondhand the car can add passenger source. ” Dongguan some is luxurious and secondhand the director of car distribute inn tells a reporter, although cheap and secondhand car and luxurious and secondhand the car is put together not good-looking, but tell from gain angle, want to be able to bring passenger source only, can increase sales volume, such attempt and transition are indispensible. The reporter understands in interview, a few luxurious and secondhand car inn is average a month can sell a 34 stage cars pretty good, a car also sells some month not to go out also is some.

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