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Guangdong province is secondhand in July the car trades the quantity amounts to
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Suffer oil price rose considerably in June and influences of a series of interest empty factor such as the policy restriction that the government implements in succession, two handcart city of countrywide are in all the time since May off-season. But economy car measures model sales volume small rows to continue to value especially, each district clinchs a deal the price is common go up somewhat raise.

According to not complete count, guangdong province is secondhand in July the car clinchs a deal gross makes an appointment with 23000, annulus comparing grows 13% . In two handcart markets of Guangzhou, the effect that two handcart suffer new car to sell is bigger, integral price glides continuously, nevertheless economy car price counters city rise, abstruse develop, Xiali, QQ, antelope make tight smart money. Civil / graph Deng Li

Best-selling two handcart: Economy car be in power

According to reporter Cong Anjun two handcart trade the market obtains trade data shows, july, economy car is comprehensive “ dictate ” is secondhand car city, receive carry out two flourishing. The platoon trades in this the model of market front row is Kaluola respectively, fly degree, power gallop wait for car of economy class A, this abundant cropland, cropland, day produces brand of department waiting for day to rise in oil price, with car cost rising period shows clear advantage. In trade among the car of before the quantity is ranked 10, only platoon is amounted to in the 5th nimble and the Beijing contemporary Yi Lan of the 10th is model of the department that be not day especially.

Guangzhou this locality is secondhand July car whole trades the quantity is basic and smooth. The personage inside course of study points out, the near future is secondhand the market is intermediate advanced car is sales volume shrink, small in mixing quantity and economy car trades Youshangsheng is apparent characteristic. The reporter is in trade of Hua Na steam, An Jun is secondhand the car trades the market sees, the Kaimeirui that gets attention fully before and elegant cabinet model trade nowadays insipid. Inside market of wide in July fine horse of elegant cabinet model trade the quantity is 103 only, with a few phase compare the head this year, trade the volume drops nearly 50 % . Although have secondhand fly degree, black horse amount to, of the two handcart such as Kaluola pull move, but of economy of Guangzhou this locality two handcart trade volume ascendant range is not distinct, partial model sales volume gives now to slip even. “ is secondhand car city is affected by new car market very big, add environment of macroscopical this year economy not ideal, because this whole trades,the volume rises slow. ” An Jun is secondhand the car trades Chao Zhidong of market vise general manager points out, trade with this the quantity is exemple, secondhand May fly those who spend trade the quantity achieves 198, there also are 152 only July.
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