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Two handcart market is added fast the agency that put delay expects Jin Jiuyin 1
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- our newspaper reporter pays Qiu Nan article / graph

The market that industry of the beginning of the year values generally, the “ blowout ” that everybody expects did not come, appeared to add instead fast the impetus that puts delay. Connect the statistic of association according to Chinese steam wagon flow, two handcart accumulative total of 31 province city of countrywide trade first half of the year 1.212 million, grow 15.08% compared to the same period. With the 21.94% photographs of the corresponding period were compared last year, glided 6.86% , add fast put delay gradually. Come from the message of each place to also make clear, since this year, enter especially off-season since, two handcart market was appeared to slant by the influence of a variety of elements cold evidence.

- two handcart markets of Guangdong are a little small fan

According to Guangdong the wagon flow that save steam connects association statistic data to show, this year 1~5 month, guangdong saves two handcart accumulative total to trade the quantity is 151825, appear compared to the same period the evidence of fall after a rise. And first half of the year trade although the quantity is basic with kept balance last year, but profit glides somewhat. A market chief expresses, although trade quantity and about the same last year, but actually two handcart market had appeared atrophic.

As at present the biggest region market, guangdong is entered after this year, only flourishing spent period of time in January, after the Spring Festival next 2, 3, in April, clinch a deal the quantity holds insipid position. In light of the data that from this car that save steam current association provides, besides traded in January the quantity achieves 43112 outside, 2, 3, 4, May clinch a deal the quantity breaks through 30 thousand hard from beginning to end, it is 24552 respectively, 27513, 27271 mix 29377.

- two handcart market characteristics of Beijing are outstanding

According to statistic, beijing is secondhand the car trades first half of the year the volume rises 12.35% compared to the same period, market performance has two more outstanding characteristics: It is to clinch a deal car uses time on average to already was close to 6 years, than spinning somewhat before, first half of the year on the market 2002, the amount of the model is more 2003, affected whole two handcart trade, also explain consumer deferred the cycle that transfers for the first time. 2 it is car trades on average price continuity rises, beijing is secondhand first half of the year of car market clinch a deal the price rose 13% compared to the same period.

Because only even numbers is carried out,wait for a reason recently, beijing a few big measure of stock of two handcart market decreases apparently, two handcart trade actually the quantity also has certain atrophy accordingly. According to statistic, remove measure of change the name of owner in a register of modificatory only even numbers, two handcart near futures of Beijing trade actually the quantity is compared the corresponding period glided last year many, two handcart inventory also decreased to be become nearly. Industry public figure thinks generally, beijing's giant car retains the quantity makes two handcart market was full of business chance, trade height or will be in second half of the year appears this year.
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