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Legal market searchs two handcart hard to sell in the street
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Yesterday afternoon, the gentleman of city canal article that market of Ou Taisheng region does Qing Yang puts on an uniform to go out “ assault ” . Walk along faithful intense ancestral temple on the west street, ground of his do something one knows well is gotten into the Jiang Jie inside the lane of a side, the ”—— of “ old friend that article gentleman is completely almost on a few meters long a section of a highway is secondhand the bicycle trades illegally faker. See article gentleman appears, “ car strings together string of ” people not alarmed, however ground of in an orderly way withdraws slowly. Begin from 2004, article gentleman and faker people the game that playing cat of this kind of “ to catch mice ” all the time.

On in the past hundred years lis, ” of “ meeting your home is the popular a sector of an area of buying and selling of content of old Chengdu useless secondhand goods all the time. Transform as old city, chengdu is exclusive secondhand the bicycle trades legally market “ is met newly government office ” is cancelled, but many faker sell in the street however case without card, without the lock, “ that does not have license plate 3 without ” two handcart. Yesterday, sectional chief says related black sheep area, to make sure Chengdu founds countrywide civilization urban target is reached, their near future will dispatch alarm force centers punish to disease of this one dense.

“ car strings together string of ” to peddle in the street the car that do not have card

Yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, of drizzle 濛 濛 inside on Jiang Jie still very blatant. 78 meters broad market is standing everywhere on the road a few men and womens, beside or push or putting a bicycle, “ of enthusiastic accost passerby buys a car buy a car. ”“ this car sale price 80 yuan. I should sell 100 everyday, never certificate, are you afraid of what child? Pedlar of ” street edge very calm ground advises a client. As a result of low-cost, a young boy of many years old 20 bought this car very quickly. A middleaged woman that wears gules dress is pushing 7 into new country car, quite some of yearning ground says: “ is in 9 times before me the bridge grand aid road there, the business is very good, net gain of a month 3000 yuan. Grand aid road repaired big driveway and garden now, punish fierce, be forced to be moved. ”

The Qianbugan that they earn “ is clean, the city is in charge of drive out a lot of times trashy also. Ancestral temple of ” faithful intense on the west street boss of a bicycle shop is very indignant, oneself are being handed in every months 3000 multivariate chummage, the car still can be put inside inn to sell only, and faker of going from place to place does not have cost almost, the two handcart that sell also do not have relevant proof mostly. To compete, some merchant often also put in the “ on the footpath outside inn to reveal ” now, let a city be in charge of a staff member to have a headache unceasingly.
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