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City of haing two handcart is not lukewarm not fire
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9. Gentleman of the Song Dynasty of the area in the path that breath out city asks: Hand of 2 quantities blue moves golf block, the date that register in April 2005, travel 42 thousand kilometer, breath out city license plate, the original price that buy a car 156 thousand yuan, how many fund can you sell now?

Answer: The gentleman that occupy the Song Dynasty introduces, this car is he commutes place of ride instead of walk is used, maintain good, had not appeared accident, whole vehicle maintains former plant lacquer basically. But golf measures the market 2 rows to retain the amount is particularly small, this car is early with stop production, this affects the sale price of two handcart, according to above circumstance, this car assesses value: 8—8.5 is controlled 10 thousand yuan.

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