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Two handcart of Beijing 10% sell past other place
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A few days ago, in Beijing new inferior the information communication that city holds is met on, beijing old motor vehicle trades bud of king of market chief inspector discloses, beijing is secondhand first half of the year total sales volume broke through the car 160 thousand, than last year the corresponding period grew 19.5% , the two handcart that exceed 10% among them sell outside market, become calendar year to come highest.

In 160 thousand when trade two handcart, of sedan have scale to continue to promote, since was close to 70 thousand first half of the year 2007 namely, this year is to exceed 85 thousand more, than last year the corresponding period grows 23% , predict to will more than 170 thousand families begin to change this year oneself car, two handcart of Beijing and new car trade will be on a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

In Beijing this locality two handcart trade in gross, scale of the change outside car comes by 10% litres of 2006 12.5% 2008, carried vigorous growth state, what this explains Beijing remains the periphery such as Heibei, Shanxi to visit town is important and secondhand the car purchases the land.

On the sort of two handcart, 100 thousand yuan of the following models still are to trade key, among them masses nimble amounts to the head that holds whole market to trade already the position. Secondhand first half of the year the market that nimble amounts to is had rate be as high as 7.97% , average price is fifty-four thousand nine hundred yuan, middleaged portion basically is collect to came 5 years during 2003 2002 period car. In addition, shanghai general Jun Wei also is two handcart trade key, but because this car is already formal stop production, trade on average so the price falls somewhat than the beginning of the year, fall control for 6000 yuan. (Shen Xin)

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