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Travel tax is not facing adjusting automobile market reaction or affect the used
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Recently, the General Office of the National People's Congress on "People's Republic of Travel Tax Law (draft)" solicit opinions from the community, the deadline for the November 30, 2010. According to "draft", in addition to 1.0 liters (inclusive) the following passenger car type, and 1.0 liters to 1.6 liters (inclusive) between the part of the car tax has been lowered, the other a larger displacement models across the board amplitude increase. With Body as follows: 1.0-liter passenger cars (including) the following model year benchmark tax is 60-360 yuan, 1.0 liters to 1.6 liters (inclusive) for the 360-660 yuan, 1.6 liters to 2.0 liters (inclusive) to 660-960 yuan, 2.0 liters or more to 2.5 liters (included) for 960 to 1,620 yuan, 2.5 liters to 3.0 liters (inclusive) for the 1620-2460 yuan, 3.0 liters to 4.0 liters (inclusive) 2460-3600 yuan, 3,600 yuan more than 4.0 liters to 5400 dollars. Car sales has not generated greater volatility Travel tax adjustments undoubtedly feel the most direct vehicle sales market. In the 30 to 31 October of two rest days, the reporter visited Nanning Express Ring Road is located, Pak Sha Road and the High-tech Zone, Anji Avenue, a few Taijiao Car sales focal point for primary and second-hand car sales do some understanding. Reporters on the part of the car sales 4S shops understand that travel tax before the New Deal, Nanning car sales has not generated greater volatility, small displacement and large Displacement car sales is currently subject to the New Deal had little effect. It is understood that following the "eleven" golden Zhou Nanning auto market appears stable growth, after two weeks of heat auto market is still not diminished. In the face of greater demand, some brands have emerged out of the car joint venture shortage, secretly fare when put car phenomenon Appears. Many in the industry believe that the future of the travel tax is difficult to offset the additional amount of Nanning, the rigid demands of consumers. Own-brand car sales shop in a person in charge: "According to data released by the draft, each owner may Will increase by several hundred years, and even keep a car costs a couple thousand dollars, but most owners will not be too concerned about the future before buying a car of such expenses. "1.2 to 1.6 liters of smaller cars, originally sold the main force, even if Countries to adjust travel tax, will not have much impact. "BYD Auto, a salesman said. In addition, the respondents related brands car dealers that generally the larger displacement of luxury brands, imported brands, models, will not be reduced because of this reform and market share. "Tax restructuring, rising up to the luxury car, but For millions of car models at every turn, the higher the proportion of vehicle and vessel tax base is negligible, the tax adjustment will not change their choice. "The reporter learned that, Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti Sales of brands such as some models are still considerable. Against a "draft" if sales of small cars will have a stimulating effect, most small cars, said dealers have to take some time to observe a relatively clear conclusions. "It is also difficult to assess Travel tax adjustment on the 1.0 to 1.6 liters displacement of the leading role models. "Chery car sales shop in a sales staff that said," at least tens of dollars if the cost of keeping a car, being in sales is not particularly convincing In the short term impact on consumers may not be significant. " Used-car market may have a greater impact "Fleece, consumers want to travel second-hand car trading in the tax bill." Wei-Shun in the used car sales market, a car salesman that if the travel tax rose sharply, and may be used Car market have a greater impact, particularly in the range of 2.5 to 3.0 liters the car. "Used the market through a dealer incentives, gifts, extended warranty, etc. to offset the impact of policies, but also to fight for manufacturers Policy, some adjustments in pricing, and not have these second-hand car market flexibility. "The sales staff that used car sales in full accordance with the year and condition of vehicles used to value, plus a reasonable profit Space. Once the policy to increase the additional costs must be consumers to "pay the bill." "Even considering displacement, or because the travel tax" Adjustment of the travel tax, consumer direct impact on how the idea of car sales chart outlines the direction of the line. FAW-Volkswagen in the front hall, the public test drive Mr. Liu is a displacement of 2.0 liters Magotan, the "draft" The introduction seemed not very concerned about Mr. Liu. "Or displacement of the motivation is good, driving comfort, choose a car to consider is price, performance, etc., even taking into account displacement, not because of tax reasons for travel." Mr. Liu's words on behalf of the View table a number of car buyers, sales center in BYD, yellow shows the public that the purchase of private cars, most people are chosen small displacement, less fuel this car, economical and practical, even if the State Travel tax is not adjusted This part of the same car buyers will choose this model. "In fact, compared with the vehicle and vessel tax increases, I am more concerned about oil prices and the procedures for the convenience of cars." Plan recently purchased a Mazda 5, Chen reports V. reporters recently that he read the newspaper, "Guangxi specification car with license sales" will be held from November 1 this year, implementation, and last week, Nanning, Guangzhou magnitude 3 to obtain a car with a license 4S store sales qualification. Then there will be more The 4S shop to take a license sales ranks. Was going to be after finishing two days before the procedure, it takes less than an hour to all completed, and the owners do not run back and forth. "After all, for modern people, convenient only Is the most notable factor. "
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