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Travel tax impact is second-hand car market
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Although not the weekend, but the car is located near the city of south China several second-hand car market sentiment seems very busy, to selling cars and consulting with people. Car of the people coming and going, the flow of people and even the new car market than the bigger adjacent . "After July the market has started to improve, and in October the final data also do not have statistics, but sales of single-day point of view, in October on the basis of last month, almost 3 percent of growth." Located in the Red Ridge Road, Family used car dealer in the official told reporters. Although the new car market, the impact of policies on second-hand car market is not so straightforward, but the trend of the secondary market will still be some impact. Recently, this reporter visited the automobile market that, at present the most concerned about second-hand car dealers consumption Information, is about to expire purchase tax preferential policies and tax may be adjusted travel policies. For a long time, free of purchase tax is one of the biggest selling point used car, used car purchase tax free plus depreciation and often much cheaper than new cars. But with the 1.6-liter Following the introduction of vehicle purchase tax incentives, new car Sales gradually hot. In contrast, second-hand car purchase tax free advantage of slightly lower, especially economy cars, at the policy front, consumers are more inclined to buy a new car, leading to second-hand automobile market price of the whole economic model to go Low. Purchase tax incentives this year is about to expire, the current general understanding of automobile dealers are the stimulus should quit. A second-hand car dealers that, if the policy is no longer continued, the advantages of second-hand car will have a certain degree of improvement. But by the end of the market before the expiration of new car must have a burst, to second-hand automobile market when the economic model must Will be ignored. Many second-hand car dealers to take this approach is the "first store after the sale," close down the price of cars, to be pushing the policy to cancel emperor of a small car. But there are car dealers that it was too risky. "If a change in policy , There may be overstock, "located in Xili, the car dealers used car market leader, said:" Although by the end of second-hand cars is now possible to digest the stock rose, but in an uncertain bet Policy is not desirable. Inventory adjustments or take our main approach structure to appropriately increase the proportion of a number of small cars, but will not a small car-based. " Travel tax to be revised for the news, used car dealers generally considered second-hand car market will have an impact, but most car dealers do not think that will immediately affect automobile sales. Second-hand car market in South China some Used car dealer said that the current understanding of the situation from the point of view, and no tax may be adjusted due to travel to sell the car case, we are still in a wait stage. "But if this policy is implemented, when the time Market situation is difficult to say, and certainly there are some changes. "The official also said:" Once the owners of large displacement occurs gradually sell their luxury cars, some imports will be most affected older models, such as the 4.0L Cherokee Toyota 4700, etc., the prices of these models will drop significantly. " There are a few in the market is designed bigger displacement car dealer used cars, which several car dealers were optimistic that the travel tax on their sales accounting adjustment will not cause much impact, because the travel tax and compared the prices of Or less. However, some car dealers said, with a long age of the vehicle's large displacement luxury car sales will be affected, so they received when the car will gradually reduce the acquisition of the older cars more than 10 years. "One Aspect is its very low price of these cars, luxury cars on the other hand is now the new car down too much, do we have now is basically a business model in this regard. "Second-hand car dealer Mr Ho said. Travel tax may be adjusted to bring another car dealer on the purchase of a car payment of travel tax attention. Because a mere 360 dollars for a few dollars or even hundreds of thousands of car is really negligible, so In the past, they have received little attention car travel tax. Many car dealers have said that if the displacement of 2.5 liters or more cars travel tax has improved greatly, to the tax when they will travel together as a transaction not complete an important link to View. A car dealer for this proposal, part of the increase in vehicle ownership looks for proof of a travel tax-related pay in order to avoid payment of travel tax should not investigate those who travel drilling transfer tax loopholes, damage the interests of owners buying second-hand. Used If you tell the car buyer the original owner has to pay tax, but can not provide proof of travel related tax payment, buyers can ask to hold with the travel of the original owner to any of the Inland Revenue Department tax of travel of the car tax query Pay information.
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