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Nothing better to talk about the Canadian used car buyers and the cost of transf
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After reading a salt used car users in the transfer of ownership fee, free to talk about me when I was in Canada to buy new and used vehicles transfer the cost of it. Live in BC, is also the most expensive variety of miscellaneous taxes, illegal ticket costs one of the largest province, for example speeding fines, BC province to about 160 Canadian dollars, while Ontario has to around 120 Canadian dollars. BC Province, the number of new car emission general matter, are plus 7% provincial tax +7% of the general tax + shipping about 800 + -1000 about 300 air-conditioned environment tax charge of about 100 Canadian dollars CAD + file. Take HONDA CRV 2.4 4WD with high emissions to count, hand the cash price is about 38,000 Canadian dollars or so. Highlander to be around 47,000. In Canada, the whole paragraph is not a lot of people buy a car, car dealers are normally filled by a number of loan companies with the operation of public car loans for the month, the general American policy of interest-free loan car more, so more people buy , followed by the South Korean car, Kia, Hyundai, the interest rate is generally 1.9%, 2.9% and so on. . . Japanese cars more popular, the lending interest rates relatively high, generally 4.9%. 4.5%, based on current sales situation. Chinese people usually buy Japanese cars, German cars are more and more families with Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz is doing business, BMW has. . Chinese people buy American cars less. Taiwan compatriots, to buy Mercedes-Benz, BMW's more, followed by the election is the Japanese cars. Korean General to buy their own national cars, are generally modern, can be said that the Korean people I know did not buy Japanese cars, which I admire the Korean comparison, very patriotic, including Dalian, the STX Group, the purchase of office Modern cars are all the same color. Japanese? Oh, the basic little car, in Canada, not many Japanese people, not much contact with the Japanese, the Japanese side exposed to either not have a car, a car is also very common Toyota and Honda cars, the grade in Civic this price, hedge rate, devaluation of the fastest cars in Korea, because I have seen is that Korean cars are basically in the consumer there is a small amount of Korean Canadians, Koreans to play in North America is the price card. Followed by the American car. The best is to preserve and increase the rate of Japanese cars, this is similar with China. Ford, JEEP, Chevrolet, Lincoln, Hummer and other U.S. old brand, large displacement cars, usually the United States and some other old people in the Asia-Pacific countries and regions to buy, especially pickup. Is comfortable playing card. Is the quality of Japanese cars to play cards, and from the rate of second-hand car market will be able to see it changed hands, a small Japanese car failure rate, preservation rate, and accessories cheap. German car hit a performance brand, price is not cheap, you better than the U.S., relatively speaking, the general would like to experience driving a sense of friends, many cars as Germany, people who want to change cars, multi-select Japanese cars, German cars are generally lowest in North America, with 2.0 displacement. French car, not in Canada. British cars, such as JAGAR, LAND ROVER targeting high-end, rich open, not much elaborated. Here in the casual Lao Lao, the cost of transfer of second-hand car. Transfer of used cars in Canada there are two cases: 1: gift a friend 2: The resale of used cars Presented by friends to count, resale is not used to pay any taxes, formalities are complete, random in the street to find an insurance agent you can arranged, and complete documents, insurance personnel to help you to do, because to re-apply for the insurance , so it is necessary to pay insurance costs, insurance costs can be three months of first sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse can be half a year, the insurance can be one year but monthly payments. No camera, no license production costs, and no one to show you what authority number, full 5-10 minutes to get out fast. But if you want to choose the right number, required to pay 18 Canadian dollars, the general insurance intermediary to earn more money, let you take 18 Canadian dollars election numbers. What if there were dozens of pieces of paper costs, these assorted fees, insurance premiums hit in, and then pay a monthly. Insurance intermediary is also the insurance commission earned money. Resale of used vehicles to the normal count, you need to pay 7% of the pre-sale price of the car, the pricing is based on the price of a car were paid to write, no real organization to measure the price, suppose a BMW 5 Series , the owner selling cars prices in Canadian dollars 3W, 1W car dealers who can fill in Canadian dollars, then what tax to pay 700 yuan. This leaves the 1400 Canadian dollars in taxes, many people are like tax evasion, Oh,,, of course, lower than the market price of the car, you need to further explain why the price so cheap, as long as the communication between two Haojiu Hang, generally up The excuse is that the body in question the matter, machine oil friends and so on.
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