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"Preferred used car" Henan special shops first to start the day revolves
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Recently learned from the factory, Beijing Modern long-awaited second-hand car business, "Beijing Hyundai preferred second-hand car" special contract in Henan Tianxingjian first started. Any vehicle can be replaced in the company of Beijing Hyundai all models, and the Beijing Modern companies can enjoy the "old value", "new car discount" and other value courtesy, so doing, Beijing Hyundai car car replacement type, maximum save 1 million, should be a car replacement the best choice. Meanwhile a reporter from the Beijing Modern day revolves dealerships learned that the company launched in December is also recommended vehicle replacement parts, especially the replacement of Beijing Hyundai name Yu customers can assess the price of used cars based on the increase to 3,000 yuan. And they also provide a car replacement stage business, if customers affordable used cars, car services can handle the stage, just for the month can be withdrawn to pay a higher level of new car. An interview with reporters in the days of a customer gallery Xingjian, the client reflects: Here replacement of the Beijing Modern Name Yu automatic models, its own assessment of used car prices in other places 4.8 million, the assessed value is 5 days Xingjian million, also enjoyed the hospitality added 3,000, replacement of old vehicles price is 5.3 million, than in other stores added 5,000 yuan, and the appearance of new cars were Yu atmosphere, space is relatively large, for business and home use, while still days for a car loan through Xingjian stage company car business can put a table name directly Yu-new car, less than a month to 2,500 yuan a month for very cost-effective.
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