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Omnicom south west or second-hand car market in Chengdu, the main force
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Hong Pailou Wuhou district government as the re-positioning and planning, Chengdu, the pattern of second-hand car market also changes. Motor City is located west of Hong Pailou used car market (also known as the old motor vehicle market in Chengdu), will be closed before the end of the year, where hundreds of used-car business has relocated, the relocation is expected to total in the first half completed. At the same time the new second-hand car market in Chengdu: Vehicle Administration in the White House's grand alliance into a second-hand car market and the Third Ring Road, Luo Ling ten exhibition has opened, waiting for the relocation of these businesses in the past. Prior to this second-hand car market in Chengdu, mainly in the west of Hong Pailou used car market, the group used-car market and the Eastern Motor City. Which is located in the western market, Hong Pailou annual trading volume has accounted for the second-hand car trading volume of Chengdu more than half can be said that the planning and positioning of Hong Pailou district decided that the whole pattern of used-car market in Chengdu. After ten years of a market will be shut down, then starting next year, second-hand car market in Chengdu, is what kind of structure it? Omnicom has become the second-hand car market is certainly the best choice to succeed Hong Pailou market, the 2009 completion of the second half of March this year opened a new market area of 150 acres, divided into A, B, C, D are four zones. A VIP area is mainly concentrated in the Chengdu area some like peace, Jixin, Hong Kong businessmen such high-end used cars; B, C, D District is a small business, 8 parking spaces per rental business is also relatively and A, much cheaper. Of course, the vehicle to facilitate market transactions with the White House Vehicle Administration Omnicom market square in B, C the middle of built area of 1,200 square meters of standardized transfer of a hall, a grand alliance to ensure the maximum vehicle speed of transactions within the market. A large area is currently 60% of businesses have moved in a, B, C, D of the small businesses there are already 90% at the beginning of normal business. A VIP area businesses are not yet fully open for business being attracted to see them, but customers have flocked to the car, the other three regions of small businesses when the business although not as good as in Hong Pailou, but the vehicle per month are probably six or so, Xingda reflect a company's Yang: OMG now they sell 10 a month or so basically the car relative to the red in Hong Pailou a few more old market is bad, but his door Macro AU traders believe that next year's Hong Pailou other side of the business of demolition will be done far more than the previous sales. Indeed, the relative "Hong Pailou" in terms of Omnicom's market area and the vehicle stand out several times larger, of course, the normal operation of the market after the trading scheme will be used far beyond the "Hong Pailou." Mausoleum of the other new markets mainly concentrated ten second-hand commercial vehicles and a variety of Chengdu, the size of the truck. Omnicom is relative to the size and trading volume are much smaller. At the same time as the old second-hand car market in Chengdu, and east of the East will continue to exist, but in the garden city concept of urban planning will eventually fade out as the Hong Pailou the same stage of history. Overall from the used-car market in Chengdu next year the focus will gradually tend to Omnicom, Omnicom will also take up the same as in western China Hong Pailou used car trade mission.
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