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Careful calculation and strict budgeting saves 10 thousand yuan to carry a choos
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As at present the vitrification of domestic car market, and of manufacturer businessman profit reduce, on the segment that buys in new car, the space of be economical is less and less, often be to buy a businessman to be chopped sweatingly go up a long time valence, also do not cross 1000 yuan or so to yield benefit, be less than car price 1 % . To buying a car person, think the method of be economical is had? Have, that chooses a two handcart namely! These two years of development of two handcart city are very rapid, car source is much car condition is new, the state of affairs that be decieved is less and less also. If your careful calculation and strict budgeting, choose a province carefully tens of thousands of yuan are be nothing difficult.

The preparation before buying a car works

1. Before buying a car, we should

2. Before choosing a vehicle, read the material of new car more, understand a few new cars that accord with him condition to should learn their price particularly more, the random sex when two handcart choose and buy is very big, it is impossible to be locked up only decide 9 cars, and should more a few equipment choose plan, 2 be when seeing a good car, want to think of to whether accord with oneself requirement immediately, with new car price difference how many, lest missed an opportunity.

3. Those who understand two handcart protect a value to lead roughly. Alleged the rate that keep a cost, those who point to is some kind of model the easy hand price after using a paragraph of period and primitive the percentage that buys the price, it depends on price of the function of the car, price, dependability, fittings and maintenance are convenient the multinomial element such as degree, it is a car of integrated level reflect. The impact of the agitation of price of price accept a surrender accept a surrender that protects a value to lead the advantage of tall model to depend on it is not big, can make consumer bears the lesser pecuniary loss that devalue because of the product and causes. Generally speaking, the market retains the amount is large, the car with fittings low price keeps a cost rate is high; The market retains the amount is small, the car with fittings high price keeps a cost rate is low. Fittings is good search, maintenance is convenient, whether can be the price accepted, it is the issue that the consideration wants when we buy two handcart.

Choose car actual combat

1. Look. At present the car origin of two handcart basically is 3 place, it is private buy a car; 2 it is intermediary company; 3 it is an auction. Commonner and reliable is intermediary company. In ramble secondhand when the market, see a car at the same time, also want to note the case of intermediary company at the same time, choose a few fame to have the intermediary company of actual strength greatly as far as possible, although car price may be bit more expensive, but photograph contrast is more reliable. In addition, notice the other model of this intermediary company even, estimate the state that gives this company roughly from which.
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