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Essence of life is carried fine choose the car that buy love to avoid to be boug
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In two handcart market, what people worries most is to buy an accident two handcart, so after all case of which kinds of accident is the biggest to the value influence of car? Two handcart expert will be car of believe spirit law today everybody introduction, affect 7 kinds of the biggest cases to the value of car:

One, whole vehicle crossbeam is bumped (although classics rehabilitate) .

2, cistern bracket has collision caustic Injury (although classics rehabilitate or change) .

3, column of automobile body A, B, C is bumped to injure (although classics rehabilitate) .

4, leaf board is changed by cut behind the car.

5, car happening crosses roll accident.

6, car machinery has produced situation of baked wheaten cake partly.

7, car ford passes engine top high.

These circumstances will produce an effect to the quality of two handcart, function, to its accordingly the price has 30 ~ 50% right-and-left influences. And appear the car of afore-mentioned problems, numerous manufacturer won't regard a brand as two handcart undertake attestation. Also two handcart “ strings together string of ” to like most this kind of car, implementation “ is low close to sell ” high. But unwitting client will assume very high use risk. Here, two handcart expert reminds car of believe spirit law broad consumer, whether is before buying a car, should be being found out above all an accident two handcart, lest be deceived, had better be to go to ground of normal two handcart sale to buy.

But, not be all traffic accident the price to car can have so big effect. Picture a few brush smally hang cause lacquer of glass, bumper, car to wait damage and of repair, won't cause an effect to the value of car.

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