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Two handcart business " change action " cast the forehead to spend trade fund
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Began last year, price of Shanghai license plate begins to go tall ceaselessly, for this, shanghai takes two handcart of card of “ Shanghai ” to see a trace scarcely inside two handcart market. But the reporter discovered in two handcart market recently, the two handcart of the card that take Shanghai begin increase suddenly, and make model of sell like hot cakes for a time. The reporter investigates discovery, this is a kind of way that ” of ox of two handcart “ is steam again capital and undersell forehead spends.

The card that hang Shanghai is secondhand the car is abrupt grow in quantity

From 2007 begin first, the license plate price of Shanghai illicit car goes high all the way, the price of the license plate when apogee already exceeded 50 thousand yuan. Accordingly, shanghai cannot see the two wheelbarrow that bring Shanghai illicit card to sell almost inside the period of time inside two handcart market, major specified amount is spent begin to be fried to sell ” by “ of corner of two handcart ox. But the attention that a advertisement drew a reporter however recently ——

“ horse 3, use 2 years, carry Shanghai illicit card, the price 138 thousand yuan. ” this is a two handcart that published on newspaper recently sell ad, money of know exactly about sth is returned to bring the two wheelbarrow that Shanghai illicit card sells by this advertisement. Introduce according to advertisement promulgator, there is 4 on his hand, 5 two handcart that carry Shanghai illicit card prepare to sell, the car of these cars age control in 2 years.

Introduce according to him, the first day when advertisement publishs, one takes card of “ Shanghai ” to discharge a quantity to clinch a deal with 110 thousand yuan price for the treasure of 1.8L, and the inquiry is other the customer that takes Shanghai card car also slue. At the same time the reporter is in Shanghai two handcart market sees the share, also appeared to take the two handcart of Shanghai card not less to sell. The sales volume of these “ models is good still, should hang out his shingle only commonly sell, broker company can dispose of these cars very quickly. Small king of the member that company of two handcart broker sells ” tells a reporter.

It is reported, these hanging out one's shingle average use fixed number of year is in the car that sell 2 years or so, even of partial car enable fixed number of year to be less than 1 year, and the car price that controls on two handcart market one year commonly is new car price is hit 8 fold the left and right sides, car condition is good the matter that also becomes this part to take card car sell like hot cakes.

Spend by force of specified amount of capital pressure sale

Introduce according to a personnel of company of two handcart broker, broker company sells these carry a card the reason with two the mainest handcart is, circumfluence is spent to cover a large number of firm financing by the forehead, hope to be spent through the forehead next will carry price of handcart of second year in high school and increase two handcart sales volume.
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