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Secondhand POLO buys a car complete strategy
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Current car city, homebred car imports Che Linlin always, if where,a two handcart that suit oneself are being found in more than 1000 cars of this profusion is not a simple thing really. The two handcart of each models are having a characteristic severally, its function also is the good and bad are intermingled, how to choose price of a sex to compare tall two handcart? The two handcart expert of network of the first car gave out very professional referenced opinion.

With secondhand POLO is exemple:

Want to understand a two handcart, we must be done sufficient its are new the homework of the car. We understand POLO together below the fundamental condition of this car: POLO introduced our country 2002 by Shanghai masses, this car department deployed 1.4 litres to be moved with two engine and 1.6 litres of hands, automatic mode of two kinds of gearshift, among them Germany of 1.4 litres of engine departments installs an entrance formerly, the model lifts back type for both sides 5 cars. Was used to to cater to Chinese consumer 2003, POLO car department added 3 compartment to break a back again 5 type model, but its are basic technical component did not produce a change, this model was produced all the time 2006. Be opposite 6 years by Shanghai masses POLO is basic model undertook changing a money independently, the name after changing a money is strong feeling and interest are taken respectively, in technical admiral original automatic archives design upgrades for the hand from an organic whole.

Be in at present POLO of edition of domestic wing-rooms on either side of one storey house is sale status is best all the time, of the appearance design as a result of its avant-courier vogue and interior space reasonable use, make this car gets all the time of the youth love. More when because its are in,appearing on the market 2002, home does not have competitive model basically, so the market retains the amount is larger.

In technical respect, the engine that model of 1.4 litres of POLO provides is 1.4 premium Leng Zhi lists aluminium alloy of 4 crocks of 16 valve electric gush gasoline engine. The technology that this car is using in those days, be in namely very strong competition ability still is had on market of car of both sides family expenses now. For example POLO is the amount to in car of both sides of 100 thousand yuan of the following family expenses is not much deployed seat hand to move litre fall functional model, additional its 1.4 litres of POLO still provided technology of bus line of door of electronic solar term, CANBUS, these two kinds of technologies are in at present home even if 20 much cars are rare also deploy. The expensive this shows that contains Troy one spot.

Deploy the both sides POLO of engine of 1.4 litres of former outfit and hand platoon archives, of its gear-box and engine match do quite reach the designated position. With with level car photograph comparing is carried fast swift and violent, hold accuse essence of life to allow. Can so say, in the family expenses car of 100 thousand yuan of interval, POLO can calculate going up is to have quite drive the car of fun. The Yang Xiaochen of two handcart expert of network of the first car once had opened 2 years 1.4 litres of hands move comfortable edition POLO, this car 5 years of travel 20 much kilometers, but engine work remains the same very smooth, the evaluation that Xiao Chen gives out is this car feels good quickly, gear-box essence is spent definitely very tall, change direction reach the designated position, apply the brake of high speed travel is strong, wind a confusion of voices is inferior, the road feels very good, can mix completely any with portion of level the same year the car rivals the both sides of less than of 100 thousand kilometer one, the outstanding sex of its function is worth commend really.
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