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Buy a two handcart change the name of owner in a register to go out " accident "
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Mr Li trades in two handcart the market takes a fancy to car of a Sang Dana, with the car advocate He Ling (alias) after an argy-bargy, clinch a deal with 16 thousand multivariate price finally.

But when both sides is dealing with car transfer ownership, gave “ accident ” however. According to contract agreement, car advocate when consign car, must turn over relevant certificate along with the car, will compensate for penalty due to breach of contract of exceed the time limit otherwise. After formalities of change the name of owner in a register does, li Yuan discovery purchases duty less to add this. After this, he calls for many times ask He Ling gives deal with not if really, li Yuan is helpless tell He Ling the court, the requirement removes the contract concerns, ask He Ling is returned at the same time still buy vehicle fund, pay penalty due to breach of contract of exceed the time limit more than yuan 4000.

In front courtyard careful, he Ling says apologetically, she is not not to wish to be dealt with for the other side, however the other side does not deserve to close. He Ling expresses again, purchasing duty to add is not the formalities with very important what originally, do not affect car to use. Response of Li Yuan criterion says, did not purchase duty to add this, car cannot do business outside the province.

On the court, bilateral rage, feel oneself are treated unjustly, the judge makes “ peacemaker ” on the court. “ buying and selling is the thing of everyone is happy originally. It is not important that you think, but buyer asks to had done, you should satisfy his requirement, why because of a little detail, is those who hurt both sides amiable? ” he says to He Ling.

Reporter yesterday all, agree eventually via mediating both sides, he Ling assists Li Yuan to had done relevant procedure, recoup the cost such as cost of the traffic expenses with certain the other side, delay one's work again. (Dong Yao of reporter Zhang Wenlong's trainee, Shi Lei)

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