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Treasure comes two handcart lowest needs 60 thousand yuan only
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The one steam of the car ” good name of the person that element has “ to drive - masses treasure comes car, since year since appearing on the market, get all the time of domestic consumer love. At present the first batch of treasure come car advocate drives model had passed time of several years mostly, the much in them had entered car change periodic. And with “ sturdy to all along the heart with durable celebrated ” fastens a car for, the consumer of one part deal with concrete matters relating to work also is happy to buy the two handcart with a car good condition to serve as ride instead of walk. So is the prices of two handcart transaction that shows level treasure to fasten a model what kind of? We let understand together below.

One 2002 —2006 year paragraph treasure comes prices of two handcart transaction

Secondhand to choosing to purchase treasure comes for the consumer of the car, can be directly newer car in the money that buy a car economic about 1.0-1.4 controls 10 thousand yuan purchase duty, and two handcart still meet the part to contain value along with the car royalities of boat of cost of thousands of yuan of maintain a road, car and insurance are waited a moment. Move standard type treasure to be with hand of 1.6 litres of of 2005 2 a powerful person exemple, 3 years ago of this car always buy the price to may be controlled in 140 thousand yuan, and average price is the buying and selling that this car is in company of two handcart broker after 3 years only probably 80 thousand yuan or so. And you buy even if now a of coequal configuration brand-new treasure comes, be afraid total prices also wants to be cost 120 thousand the left and right sides, such looking you will save the two handcart that buy 3 years or so directly issue at least 40 thousand yuan.

2 after changing a money 2006, new treasure comes to prices of two handcart transaction

Treasure comes classical model acceded the athletic endowment that old money treasure comes to, treasure continued to come on outer form strong and natural and fluent, full campaign style, and the culture element that still blended in the appearance with German newest masses to design concept and China, your this car is provided more on modelling move feeling, protruding shows the figure of the car of the person that drive. The masses maturity that carries, efficient SMFi engine, have low speed to be twisted high, the characteristic such as environmental protection of technical maturity, economy. In security aspect, whole set mark matchs ABS to take alloter of force of EBV electron apply the brake, prevent through ABS adopt device of dead apply the brake, and performance of apply the brake of four turntable Buddhist templeput on the brakes is steadier, although long high frequency second use the efficiency of apply the brake that also can keep good.
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