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Treasure comes two handcart lowest needs 60 thousand yuan only
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Treasure comes classical 08 model no matter be,have outstanding change from the exterior or interior trim, on the exterior, the 15 〝 aluminous wheel that stirs feeling passion and current and popular “ blindfold red ” let treasure come classical more show fashionable glamour. Go up moderately in immanent easy, the science and technology that sex of whole new personality changes is configured, be like new fund CD-MP3, concise only beautiful appearance dial and as safe as the side of safe be closely bound up gasbag, brought the person that drive to be driven brand-newly by experience. Can say, treasure comes classical by inside and outside send out piece classical the breath with contemporary and perfect union.

Data support: The couplet in Beijing is secondhand car market

The market refers a telephone call: 88440156

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