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Buy two handcart beware of underhand method is used on odograph
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Had opened 90 thousand much kilometer obviously, move it into 30 thousand much kilometer secretly however, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry investigated Wen Zhou one case recently two handcart consume con incident. The reporter investigates discovery, underhand method is being used on odograph is a kind of maneuver with two handcart customary business, for the sake of can selling a good price. The personage inside course of study reminds, before buying two handcart best can check through the channel such as 4S inn real message, lest be deceived.

Conceal real course of development to use underhand method in the dark

Last year in September, lukewarm city car advocate Mr Zheng is in place a Motor Corporation took a fancy to secondhand triumphant more. Time of the card on this car is “ 2005, the odograph at that time shows, had opened 33 thousand kilometer. ” Mr Zheng says, because do not have experience, he did not discover what odd at that time. See car condition is pretty good, signed the agreement that buy a car on the spot, clinch a deal with 90 thousand multivariate price.

Begin a few months in, mr Zheng did not discover the car has what problem. Arrive at the beginning of this year, after car course of development counted 40 thousand kilometer, mr Zheng drives the car to place to repair a factory to do maintain. Do worker worker of the maintenance when maintaining to ravel after a few components astonied, say to him: “ you did this car just open 40 thousand kilometer? I see loss rate, the car that exceeds 100 thousand kilometer than those is serious still. ” clicked on the spot in Mr Zheng heart, has car business used underhand method on odograph?

To confirm the doubt in the heart, inn of a when Mr Zheng finds place 4S that fasten a gram (do in this inn all the time before this car maintain) , maintain through what acquaintance checked this car information. Making what he did not think of is, 4S inn offers maintain information shows, this car makes the time that maintains for the last time in this inn was on May 31, 2007, namely 3 months before he is bought, the travel course of development at that time already amounted to 91 thousand kilometer.

Before the evidence of authentic, two handcart business must admit to use the fact of hands or feet on odograph. Original, after this car sells primary vehicle chief commander this Motor Corporation, this company gives higher price to sell, “ of will old car dresses up meticulously number of low course of development is moved after ” , intentional practise deception. Final, pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken of two handcart business Mr Xiangzheng 2000 yuan.

Two handcart business is good at “ rejuvenescent art ”

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