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Buy two handcart beware of underhand method is used on odograph
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The reporter understands, because economic interest is driven, the two handcart trade that uses underhand method on odograph is not individual. The two handcart that go up to let right beside one more “ is young ” , the simplest and direct method moves low course of development to count namely.

The personage inside the one course of study of two handcart market tells Hangzhou the reporter, secondhand to be engaged in for the professional personage of car business, callback odograph is a very simple thing. Car odograph basically has two kinds, it is mechanical and electronic type respectively. What mechanical odograph uses is the working principle with rotational gear, should tear open odograph from whole appearance assembly only below, dial the gear that uses odograph tally with screwdriver, can adjust reading at will. Latter callback difficulty wants a few bigger, but undesirable car business or the idea that have oneself, a kind of instrument moving a watch that is aimed at electronic type odograph technically appeared on market at present allegedly.

Two handcart of “ are a kind of special commodity, most consumer can basis the circumstance such as number of car age, course of development, car condition, as consultative as car business one each thinks likely price. The chief tall gentleman of company of broker of a two handcart tells ” Hangzhou the reporter says, number of course of development is two handcart trade one of the process important parameter, number of the course of development below coequal circumstance is less the price is higher. Had moved the odograph of hands or feet, do not say consumer does not look to go out have what mark, the job that has old management experience so like him repeatedly mies wife person, judge very hard also. Accordingly, the behavior of business of undesirable below a lot of circumstances car really can practise deception, sell a higher price thereby. This also is the reason that business of a few two handcart is very happy with it to this intrigue.

“ archives ” can be searched with all possible means before buying a car

It is OK that “ is being counted because of course of development practise fraud, when we are undertaking to a two handcart the price is evaluated, regard a minor referenced factor as it only. ” yuan Hu Hanbin tells a chief of department of two handcart auction the reporter, if consumer cannot define the information of real course of development of two handcart, can consider the other factor such as car condition, car age mainly.

If consumer wants to verify number of actual course of development, also have a few ways actually. Of most car guarantee period it is two years / 50 thousand kilometer, in guarantee period inside car advocate metropolis choice is maintained in 4S inn, maintain. Before buying a car, consumer can head for 4S inn to search this car directly information of the last maintenance, make reasonable judgement according to time. And the two handcart with car older age, had better head for a car to be in charge of place to search this car most in the morning card time (two handcart exist for many times the likelihood of resell change the name of owner in a register) , and the integrated judgement that car condition makes the basis be counted to course of development.
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