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Two handcart evaluate case: Wide Ben Yage
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In two handcart market, the elegant cabinet in day department car, fly degree of rate that keep a cost is higher, especially wide Ben Yage, in be the same as scale model, the price is very strong, clinch a deal the 3 armour that the quantity ranks each day for a long time to fasten a car. This year car market although whole is low fan, but secondhand elegant cabinet still keeps firm in have the sale situation that rise. Especially after 08 replacement new car appears on the market, skill car and the price difference of two handcart are pulled big, make what old money elegant cabinet still keeps taller welcome degree, and what consumer stems from sexual price to compare is integrated measure, chase after especially hold in both hands 03, model of 04 elegant cabinet.

  Trade quantity, clinch a deal valence tends stable

Because “ is risen by oil price, economy raises the adverse information such as pace rein in to restrict, the whole of two handcart market first half of the year appears low integral condition, but compared with other model, elegant cabinet 2, 2.3, 3 2.4 two handcart still are maintaining favorable sale situation. Two handcart specialize in ” Ben Tianxi Yue inn controller He Jiaqi expresses to the reporter, “ is entered after July, what two handcart market begins to enter a tradition is off-season, go up nevertheless the month specializes in inn to sell in this give 5 secondhand elegant cabinet, and first half of the year secondhand of elegant cabinet clinch a deal the quantity is accumulated achieve many 40. Although do not have the ideal of expect, but in car city so stagnant circumstance falls, elegant cabinet has such sales volume to also calculate commendable. ” in addition, according to wide the salesperson introduction of this 4S inn, to the consumer of new car of this inn displacement, after will old elegant cabinet is made over, consider changing new model, the target also is locked up be in surely 08 new fund elegant cabinet.

Regard the two handcart inside the market as agency, also think the brunt position of elegant cabinet does not have any shaking since this year. Yang Fan of controller of the Motor Corporation that become boat tells a reporter, besides be appeared on the market in the beginning of the year by 08 elegant cabinet influence, old money elegant cabinet appears to yield certainly on the price, the price that this car ties later keeps stable all the time, in the meantime, make the same score time base to go up originally phenomenon of nonexistent also keep long in stock. In addition, a few appraisal evaluate division to also point out, model of the high end in be being belonged to as a result of elegant cabinet, because of this majority car advocate compare those who pay attention to pair of car to maintain, so, on whole secondhand elegant cabinet is mixed in the exterior on car condition, metropolis photograph contrast is idealer.

  03, 04 elegant cabinet are most popular
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