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Two handcart evaluate case: Wide Ben Yage
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At present on the market secondhand each model compares elegant cabinet all ready, among them, with 03, 04 elegant cabinet clinch a deal the quantity is highest. Occupy in managing high-grade and secondhand the agency introduction of the car, this kind secondhand elegant cabinet basically is the car arrives, can sell inside a few days piece, have many buying even the home is ordered through the phone, “ goods ” still does not have the market to had been booked first.

With 3 years of 2 secondhand elegant cabinet is exemple, market price makes an appointment with 130 thousand yuan, and 3 years of 2.4 secondhand elegant cabinet is 140 thousand yuan about. Toward go high, 06, 07 secondhand elegant cabinet price is eighty thousand and ten yuan seventeen about, photograph comparing rises, 03 mix 04 fully cheap 40 thousand multivariate, become the absolutely sale main force of two handcart market.

The side chooses in configuration, apparent apt chooses most consumer the elegant cabinet of tall configuration, contain model of GPS navigation edition for example, the model that brings GPS navigation than doing not have only is much give 4000 yuan, because this kind of configuration is quite practical, can increase a vehicle greatly advocate give the advantage of travel to spend, accordingly, in price amplitude not clear case falls, consumer can choose to distribute a model high.

  Old money lets benefit offset new fund is pounded

08 Xin Yage appear on the market, the concussion that to its old money two handcart bring is unassailable. But understand according to the reporter, after 08 new cars appear, outside the space yielding benefit with make on the price besides the beginning of the year old money elegant cabinet appears certain, basically won't be in to its secondhand the sales volume of the market causes impact.

And compare an element as a result of sexual price, a lot of consumer think, new fund and old money photograph are compared, integrated advantage is envisaged without people in so big. And the price that just is new old fund differs clearly, make its old money secondhand car support is spent keep smooth. According to reporter understanding, price of new car of 08 elegant cabinet is 240 thousand yuan about, and the most welcome secondhand the price difference that 03 elegant cabinet put in 100 thousand yuan.

  The expression after carry out

Quality has safeguard, brake piece, rain is blown implement easy attaint

Because this Tian Yage's traffic is overall quality is stabler, maintain a respect in two handcart breakdown consequently, occurrence problem does not calculate much. The expert inside course of study points out, unless be the elegant cabinet that has produced collision accident, to the elegant cabinet that trades in the market normally, its are important the scale of spare parts repair is inferior, include elegant cabinet inside this cropland car engine is more dependable. In addition, the fittings of elegant cabinet series is supplied enough, the value is fairer also.
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