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Yantai mostly second-hand car trading more than 60 enterprises without qualifica
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Yantai used car trade more fire, crashed while moving the second-hand car business enterprises continue to expand, now close to 60. Press survey found that their number is ambitious, but quite a mixed bag, a lot of second-hand car trading was not qualified. 40 year surge in second-hand car market This year's hot auto market sales of Yantai so many speculators salivating, with the second-hand car trading volume of tremendous growth in the used car lot of new enterprises on stage. "In the past, second-hand car business enterprise registration approval rests with the unified management of Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Commerce in 2009 under the authority of counties into urban area of Yantai, a positive policy makes a lot of new enterprises used car crashed into the sky." Yantai Motor City, General Manager Mrs old motor vehicle, said. According to industry insiders, until August 2009, the Yantai City in the used car business is not more than 20 companies, as of November 2010, close to 60, or up to 200%. Second-hand car trading companies mixed It is reported that in September 2010 before the City used car business enterprise despite the 52, but the real business sector has been identified in Yantai City of used car trade qualification but only 27 companies, other companies belong to the distribution companies. "Second-hand car market operators should have the necessary service facilities and venues in the trading market set up eye-catching bulletin board has oversight of trading activities, norms and management responsibilities, timely and proper handling of customer complaints received, and the establishment of strict internal management system. "industrial and commercial departments of the city said. Requirements under the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Yantai City, to the end of July 2011, five District Yantai city, second-hand car market area should not be less than 2 million square meters, the trading floor area of not less than 500 square meters. But now meet the requirements of the enterprise and Industry Bureau, ZHIFU only two, a lot of second-hand car market is not in hardware standards, and some do not even have offices and trading floor. It is understood that the nature of a number of distribution companies in addition to the hardware is not up, not a high level of the auctioneer and appraiser, is difficult to ensure good services for consumers. Disorderly competition induced by market saturation Short period of time the number of second-hand car business enterprises soared, leading to the market is too saturated, and induce a series of problems. "At present, the second-hand car market in Yantai, a day in 1200-1300 vehicles involved in the transaction sets, and most concentrated in the ZHIFU, the number of neighboring counties are not many." Mrs said, "Motor City and Yantai National Cheng Kung University, Yantai old motor vehicle market venue for the two companies will be able to provide nearly 1,000 parking spaces, so many companies and operating costs of the site resources were wasted. " "Some consumers do not know the distribution of second-hand car trading company does not have the qualifications to do, so many distribution companies incorporation, do business and distribution to buyers and sellers directly to Vehicle Administration to transfer, transaction fee, only very few The cost will be able to return for high profits, disrupt the market order. "Yantai kai of the general manager of second-hand car market, said Wu barrier. "Many distribution companies have not standardized the invoice issued, 'the seller unit / individual' column does not fill in the name of the distribution companies but still fill out the name of the original owners, and regulate the market confused invoices." Mrs said, "Repeat business building too much, so that an increasingly competitive market, some unscrupulous companies to profitability, resulting in a disorderly competition, the current second-hand car trading industry in Yantai management should be strengthened. "
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