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Buy two handcart how to avoid a risk
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Secondhand to buying for the consumer of the car, besides appear as easily as specific volume of new car photograph when use breakdown and oily waste time are newer the car is a few taller beyond the problem of and so on, a few big risks should avoid when wanting to notice to buying two handcart more. It is trap of a few common two handcart sale below:

Accident rehabilitate car:

Change odograph:

After service trap: ┢ of suddenly of  of grave of the F when letter of party of far  breed touchs Dao Jixiu of breed of reed Yu  puts Bao of Yan of Tan Yun of  of  of paddy of deficient  breed mu? of Hao of peptide of Hua Yunxin egg of  breed surname of 10 thousand kilometers protect character period. But agency of a few two handcart also may be met acceptance is protected character period be duped in order to lure customer, but the mouth says to not have by, true occurrence breakdown should undertake settlement according to contract of claim for compensation.

Black car when formalities all ready car sells:

Battalion carries the car sells when car of personal family expenses:

Origin: Sina car
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