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Steal a car to steal card to sell a person to buy two handcart to want normal pl
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The Id photocopy that took an employer and the “ that come secretly two card ” , after selling other 2 months car transfer ownership, chen Mou auspicious stung by conscience, on July 9 afternoon, head for tea-booth police station to confess one's crime.

On May 19, the Chen Mou that works in a trading company auspicious borrowed a caravan to the company, subsequently car and person were missing together. On June 2, when the company reports a case to the security authorities to police, discovery not only person car all does not have whereabouts, the car that is put inside firm office repeatedly registers card and travel card, also disappeared.

Carry a network, handle a case the policeman is checked, this car already gave others via change the name of owner in a register. Original, chen Mou auspicious the “ that took away a car not only two card ” , and the Id photocopy that still took an employer, sell off car to other.

9 days afternoon, of person is in the home persuade below, suspect Chen Mou auspicious will to tea-booth police station confess one's crime, for narrating his the car of purloin company caravan registers card, sell off this car transfer ownership the factual course of other. Chen Mou auspicious the calm after confessing one's crime bear, the Id photocopy that he uses company boss and the “ that come secretly two card ” , sell off car transfer ownership other.

Current, chen Mou auspicious already by punishment arrest, this case is in further investigation.

Police reminds a citizen to say, two handcart buying and selling had better arrive to trade normally the market, do not curbstone, and want according to " method of two handcart buying operation " , examined a bargainor to whether offer all certificate original to wait, buy the word of bribe car otherwise, the interest that those who damage is him buyer.

Fujian is secondhand car

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